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This is a new one. We’re not sure where it came from, or what to make of it, but it’s certainly fun.

Quick backstory: this afternoon, Nyan was playing around with giant Lego blocks and came up with a little tower of blocks. He proudly showed it off to me and said: “Robot!” Not sure what to do with this, I said ‘Yes, it does look like a robot! Well done!’ (Where did he learn about robots?!) And as soon as he heard me say robot, he did this thing: he stretched out his face, opened his mouth, and did this weird spastic dance. It was actually hilarious – and he kept doing it, so of course we egged him on. Here, a few videos of Nyan Thomas doing the robot:

This last one is blurry – the power of the iPhone camera, I guess – apologies for that. But it’s probably the best example of The Robot we have:

Again, we have no idea where he learned the word ‘robot’ or where he got that odd little dance. The only thing we can figure is, of course, at daycare/nursery – but it doesn’t really seem like they’d be discussing advanced robotics with a room full of 1-year-olds, ya know? Eh, whatever. It’s just Nyan being Nyan.

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Recent Photos

No great theme to this batch, just a handful of photos of the little man from the past few weeks. Nyan with Mommy and Daddy; Nyan driving a golf cart at the country club up the road from our house; Nyan dragging a pack of toilet paper to the closet (kid loves to help out around the house!), Nyan in various moments of play. Etc. Just Nyan being Nyan, really. Click any photo to enlarge and start a slideshow.

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Sunday Fun in the English Countryside

On Sunday, we put on our Sunday best and headed to Essex County for the christening of Baby Elizabeth. Mommy’s the godmother, so it was obviously a big day. The service was held in this centuries-old church in the middle of the rolling hills and fields of eastern England. It was a beautiful ceremony… or so I’m told. You see, Mommy sat at the front of the church, since she was in the ceremony, while Daddy and Nyan stayed at the back with a few other young’uns. As Daddy kind of feared, we weren’t three minutes in before Nyan got wiggly and restless. “Mommy! Mommy!” he called out. Totally expected, but not all that appropriate. So we went outside and played in the car and wandered around the church cemetery. Ah well.

Immediately afterwards, people were milling about outside the church, chit-chatting and whatnot. And Nyan, well, he thought Mommy needed a flower:

Then the party moved to Elizabeth’s country estate for food and festivities. It was pretty crowded but Nyan didn’t mind, as he kept busy playing with balloons and wandering around:

And was there a big purple ball to play with? Why yes, yes there was:


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Airports and Planes (pictures)

2 (1)

We’ve always been impressed (and pleased) at how well Nyan travels. (Talking here about plane travel only, though on the few longish (4 hour) drives he’s done, he’s done pretty well there too.) Our recent trip to Iowa was no exception. The trips were fairly long both coming and going – something like 16 hours door to door on the way home, and a bit more than that going out – but he handled it like a trooper – napping, playing, looking at people, and generally staying in a good and chipper mood the whole time.

Here are a handful of pictures from our travels (click on any to make it big and start a slideshow). Mostly from the waits at airport gates, but a few from the plane itself.

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Bus! (Pictures and video)

Nyan got a bus on Saturday.


He loves buses, just like he loves helicopters, tractors, cars, trains, planes… But this is a special bus: it came from Uncle Jeff, who — with apologies to all the other uncles out there — has, for now at least, taken the title of Favorite Uncle, I think it’s safe to say.

Daddy’s cousin Jeff lives in Austin, Texas, USA with his wife Michelle. They came to Paris for an anniversary trip and came up to London for the day, as you do. It was of course great to see them – it had been several years – and I think it’s fair to say that Nyan had a blast Read the rest of this entry »

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Playtime in Iowa

Playing soccer in the backyard with Meema… going down the slide with Daddy… on the swing with Mommy…. tea time… drawing…. yes, our recent trip to the heartland was full of play for young Nyan Thomas. Here’s a nice selection of photos from various play sessions. (Click on any photo to make it bigger and start a slideshow)

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Monday Morning Dance Party (pictures)

You know how some days you wake up just bursting with energy and joy? Yeah, us neither. Joy, yes; energy, not so much. I blame the 22-month-old in our midst. 

Speaking of that 22-month-old, he certainly was full of energy and joy this morning. Spurred on, perhaps, by Daddy singing silly songs, Nyan could hardly keep still while Daddy was trying to dress him; he just wanted to giggle and dance. Later, while Daddy was finishing getting dressed himself, Nyan decided it was time to dance, so while Daddy clapped out a beat and made silly music noises, he spun, kicked and shook his groove thang all over the bedroom. See pictures below.

A few minutes later, while Daddy was loading up the stroller for the ride to school, Nyan found his sunglasses and put them on the front of his toy tractor – and then laughed and clapped and whooped loudly at the brilliance of it all.

Finally we made it to school, and after he gave Sophie a big hug, his pal James came up to him, and the two of them proceeded to dance in place, quickly moving their feet up and down and laughing.

It’s good to be a baby some days! Here are some pictures from the Monday Morning Dance Party; click on any photo to make it bigger and start a slideshow.

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A Month of Sundays (pics and videos)

Sundays are fun. Here’s a look back, through video and photographs, at three recent ones.

Last Sunday, Aunt Zuzu and Uncle Iain came to visit. It was a lovely warm sunny Sunday, so we headed down to the high street for a Sunday lunch at a pub. We’re quite happy to report that our boy ate very well (in fact, touch wood but he’s been eating very well for several weeks now – a great change from his tendency in the past to just not eat very much. Here’s hoping he keeps it up). Some photos from the pub:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the walk back, Emerald pushed the stroller, and Nyan demanded that someone hold not just one of his hands, but both of them. We were all happy to obliged, of course. Spoiled much?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Later in the afternoon, Nyan showed off his latest dance moves, busting a rug to one of his favorite tunes:

Emerald and Iain stayed over and kept Nyan out of school on Monday, instead taking him on numerous strolls around the neighborhood, the back yard, etc. He had a blast, but by early afternoon he was completely tuckered out – so much so that he just passed out on top of his buddy Yum Yum, the stuffed elephant.


A week earlier, young Nyan Thomas took a Sunday afternoon walk around the ‘hood with Mommy and Daddy from a week before:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And was there a cat on the street? There was:

Finally, a video from just today – it was a cloudy, lazy Sunday, and Nyan spent part of it by hanging out with his books, listening to some tunes. Not a bad way to spend the day.

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Car! (Pics and videos)

On our recent trip to Iowa, we learned that one of Nyan’s favorite things to do is to sit in the driver’s seat of a car and fiddle around with the steering wheel, the lights, the horn, the radio, you name it. We shouldn’t be surprised; he’s got an engineer’s mind and loves all things mechanical. Nevertheless, several times a day during our stay, he’d toddle down to the kitchen and shout “Red car! Red car!” which was his way of saying ‘Let me out into the garage, I want to sit in Grandma’s red car and play.” Cousin Meema was more than happy to indulge him, as you can see in these photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He also clambered into Grandpa’s car and somehow managed to turn the radio on, even though the keys were nowhere near. “I didn’t know you could turn it on without the keys,” said Grandpa. Here’s a fun video of the boy, rocking out and showing his dance moves to the car radio:

And some bonuses videos of Nyan, strapped into his car seat with Mommy next to him and Daddy behind the wheel, cruising down the highways of Iowa on our way to some event or other. Of course he’s pointing out each and every truck he sees on the road, and otherwise just happily babbling away.

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Soon, dear reader, we’ll start posting a whole treasure trove of photos, videos and stories from our recent sojourn to the heartland of the U.S. But for now, please enjoy this quickie, a  photo from school a few weeks back. Just Nyan being Nyan. He sure loves to vamp it up for the camera!


(Click it to make it big!)

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