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This and That in October 2020

Just a quick look at some random moments from October 2020. First, some miscellaneous pictures (click the arrows to see them all)

We try to get Nyan to help out in the kitchen when we can. 

More pictures:

Parents don’t get to stay at his taekwondo studio during class anymore due to the pandemic, so we don’t get many videos of him in action. We snuck a quick video in October though, at the start of class during warmups:

And finally, some more pictures.

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A Happy Birthday to Jayden

BFF Jayden turned 10 in October and threw a little party. For Nyan, it turned into a sleepover. Let’s check it out.

Here’s the whole birthday crew:

Nyan with his two brothers, Jayden and Jonnie:

Playing with the balloon:

Hugging and goofing the next day at a shopping mall:

And finally, Jayden showing off his polite-ness and being thankful for gifts. Also being calm and generous with his little brother.

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Fun with Friends, Indoors and Out

Nyan had a lot of good times with friends, both indoors and outside, during October 2020.

Such as playing in the pool with Nadia, as seen here from 20 stories up:

We had a playdate with Edris, which included reading at lunch and Lego playing:

Getting some exercise and fun at the playground with Jayden and Lily:

Nyan and Edris also spent some time at a mini soccer camp.

Here they are on a sweaty walk after camp:

And finally, some fun in the pool, and poolside, also with Edris.

Good times! 

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Family Hikes in the Singapore Jungle

Singapore is a pretty urbanized, built-out, concrete jungle, but there are a few places where the natural, leafy jungle still rules. The local government has done a good job of protecting these places and putting in well-maintained trails for residents to get back to nature. On two Sundays in October, that’s exactly what we did.

Our hero, ready for some outdoor action

First up was a family outing to a place called Dairy Farm Nature Park. It was, in fact, the site of a dairy farm at one point; the first in the tropics, I’m told. Now it’s hilly paved trails leading to an old quarry. It’s quite popular; too much so, I would argue, but that’s life on a densely populated island during a pandemic when no one can fly away!

We digress. Check out these pics from the hike. There were monkeys:

And there was that quarry:

And some family pics and family selfies:

It was a short walk, and very crowded, but still nice.

The following weekend, Nyan and Daddy set off for a more private hike, this time at a place called Thomson Nature Park. They carved it out of the jungle just a couple years ago, and it’s obviously not too popular yet. That was fine by us! We had the hills and trails mostly to ourselves. 

The jungle here was thick:

Some of the leaves grew quite large. Yes, that’s actually a Nyan-sized leaf; it’s not a trick of perspective.

A lovely little stream:

Both hikes were, of course, hot and sweaty, but well worth it. Always nice to get out into wild nature.

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