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March Mirth and Madness

A quick review of some of the other silliness and fun times Nyan got up to in March 2018.

First up, another look at the construction site across the street from us. (You can probably expect to see lots of these pictures over the next couple of years!)

Playing a game of home-made putt-putt golf:

This is a drawing he did of his Race Car Engineering after-school class. It’s held in the school library – see?


Random reading. He’s getting good, isn’t he!

Walking to school and chatting with classmate Riley.

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An Afternoon at the Stadium

One hot Sunday afternoon in March, Daddy took Nyan to the free waterpark above the shopping mall that’s attached to the National Stadium. It’s not a huge waterpark at all — a small pool and a waterslide, basically — but it’s nice enough, especially for the price. Just next door is a lazy river attraction: for $2, you get an inner tube and unlimited spins around a slowly moving ‘river’. It’s quite pleasant. 

No photos of any of that, but here’s our boy doing a little dance after the lazy river. Not sure if he was dancing or trying to avoid the hot bricks. Maybe both?

As we were making our way home, we passed by the main entrance to the stadium. Turns out they were having an open house — inviting anyone and everyone to come in, check the place out and run around the track. So of course we did. We’ve been to the stadium many times, of course — for Monster Jam, for soccer matches, for rock concerts — but never been down on the floor when it was set up for athletics. Pretty cool. 

Nyan and Daddy went for a run, covering about half of the circular track. No video or photos of that either, though — we were too busy running. 

And finally, they had one of those awards-podium thingies like you see at the Olympics. Nyan had Daddy take a bunch of pictures of Nyan being No. 1. Then he took a picture of Daddy — but made sure that Daddy was number 2.

Competitive little fella, ain’t he?


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A Week at the Office

Nyan got two weeks off from school for spring break in late March. We had a family vacation planned for week two, but nothing for week one. We decided he’d spend two days at work with Mommy, and two days with Daddy as he worked from home. (The fifth day was a public holiday.)

Mommy’s office happened to be hosting the company CEO and other top execs in from California that week, so our boy needed to dress up both days. We were a little worried he might fuss, given his usual leisure time outfit of tshirt and shorts, but not to worry – not a word of complaint. And check him out! He sharp up good.

At the office, Mommy had him do all sorts of tasks, like help fill out expense accounts. He proved to be a diligent worker:

But he’s still only six. While Mommy was on a conference call, he would keep quiet, but did ask her questions, and share important information via post-it notes:

(Jenny Johnson is the name of one of the execs who was coming to town. For some reason, Nyan has always been quite interested in her.)

Nyan likes to eat, so he and Mommy took frequent breaks in the food court downstairs:

After his stint at Mommy’s office, he got to stay home with Daddy a couple days, where his tasks included a lot of paper shredding. He was very much into that. And also just hanging out and eating, and putting ‘keep out’ notes across his bedroom door. (We think he may have been getting a little bored by the end of the week…)

All in all, I’d say he enjoyed his week of work. Although he didn’t seem upset in the least when it was time to return to school! 

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Fun and Games with Nyan

When Nyan’s not reading or playing with his Legos, he’s doing… well, all sorts of things. Let’s take a look.

There’s his Lego robotics class every Saturday morning. Recently he built a Lego machine gun. 

Also on Saturdays is his afternoon/evening soccer class. Check out how excited he gets when he… kicks the ball.

Then there’s his Thursday evening taekwondo class, which always starts out with some stretching. (And of course, any video that Daddy takes through the window of the classroom inevitably ends with Nyan looking at the camera and grinning.)

Not all of his fun comes from a class, though. Several evenings per week, Nyan is downstairs at our condo complex, running around and playing. Usually with Jayden, but sometimes Jayden isn’t around, like one recent  evening when only Lily was there. Here they are playing a little one-on-one soccer.

Nyan has a complicated relationship with Lily: his bestie is Jayden, and Lily is also close to Jayden. Nyan does not like it when Jayden is playing with Lily and so is not especially warm toward the young lady. So, it’s somewhat remarkable, in a good way, that Nyan is able to play nicely with Lily. Of course, it tends to be only when Jayden isn’t around, but it’s something at least.


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Celebrating Books at School 

Our boy likes to read just a little bit, as we’ve noted. So he was naturally very excited when his school announced they’d be hosting Book Week in March, a week full of activities around books and reading. Heaven for young Nyan.

Among the events was a Book Fair, where there were lots and lots of books to buy. Nyan bought a handful – mostly from his current favorite series, Geronimo Stilton.

Probably the highlight of the week came on Friday, when all the kids were encouraged to dress up as a favorite book character. Nyan decided he wanted to be Sir Lancelot, the knight from the King Arthur books (which we’ve been reading to him from time to time). He’s been a knight for Halloween, but we couldn’t just reuse that; we did use his old helmet and sword, but we made up a new shield, painted in roughly the colors that Lancelot was said to use (the historical record is sketchy, to say the least). Here he is, putting it all together and posing:

At school that Friday morning, all the kids marched out, proudly parading their costumes.

They posed as a class:

And they goofed around, as kids will do:

Surely the highlight of the highlight was when Darth Vader himself made an appearance!*

*No, Star Wars isn’t really a book (although, yes, they turned the stories into books), so dressing as characters from the film series is a *bit* of a cheat. But who’s counting. 

And finally, Nyan made his own book! At least a couple pages of it. Myles is one of his classmates; what the rest of the story is about is, frankly, a mystery. But it sure is creative!

Bonus pictures: on another Friday in March, the school had what they called “Groovy Glasses Day,” when everyone was encouraged to wear silly, goofy or groovy eyeglasses. Nyan took one of his fake pairs, put some colorful tape on it, and called it groovy. Works for us.

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The Sleepover

Every so often – not often enough for the boys, to be honest – Nyan and Jayden have themselves a sleepover. We pretty much alternate between Jayden’s place and Nyan’s place, but no matter where it’s held, it’s sure to involve lots of toys, imaginative games, giggling, reading, staying  up too late, and being a bit tired the next day.

They had another one in March. Here they are, reading and goofing around:

And goofing around the next morning (do you see a pattern here?).

Lots of hugs, too, as they say goodbye in the morning (even though they’ll see each other again the next day at school, if not later the same day around the apartment complex!)

Yep, these boys sure do love each other.

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A Couple of Days at the Beach

One gloriously warm and sunny recent Friday afternoon, rather than just going home after school, Daddy decided to take Nyan down to the nearby East Coast Park. He thought it would be a quick stroll to the water, check out the ships, an early dinner, then home.  But no: it ended up being a lovely, multi-hour expedition that kept our here up well past his bedtime.

Here’s our hero, scooting his way toward the park.

Once he got to the sand, he refused to leave. And who can blame him: look at how perfect the weather was!

So he played, he dug, he chased the waves.

He also did some writing in the sand. Including a loving homage to Y2L, the name of his class at school.


We finally managed to get to a nearby restaurant for some food. While Daddy finished up his meal, Nyan wandered around, collecting coconuts.


Then… it was back to the beach for some nighttime sand play.

It was quite late when we got home. But we had such a blast that we went back on Sunday evening for more play!

We are definitely spoiled and blessed to live so close to such a beautiful park, that’s for sure.

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All school year long, Nyan and his classmates have been building “gratitude journals.” It’s simply where the kids write down things they are grateful for. It’s a fantastic exercise, a good and creative way for these kids to remember how lucky they are. It’s also a nice way to get some insight into what’s going on in their heads.

In the case of Nyan’s gratitude journal, there aren’t too many surprises, but it’s still lovely to see. Let’s take a look at what he’s been grateful for since August. Some of the spelling is rather, uh, challenging, so we’ll provide translations — plus any necessary context — as needed.

(Be sure to admire his drawings!)


Self explanatory. Remember Monster Jam? Nyan does.



“I am grateful because I am going to see a visitor and she is an animal scientist.” Written just before an old college friend of Mommy, Jules, came to stay with us for a few days. She’s a biologist who does a lot of work with tigers and other big cats down in the Indonesian rain forest. Nyan was very excited that she was coming.



“I am grateful for going to abacus grade because I [something] one paper.” Not sure what this means, and Nyan can’t remember. But it’s a reference to his abacus grading last August.



“I am grateful for house challenge day because I got to play.”  At his school, students are divided into one of three “houses” — sort of like homerooms. Nyan is in Sentosa. Every so often, they have a day of House Challenges where the houses compete against each other. Apparently Nyan likes it.



“I am grateful for my daddy because he brought me to Telunas.” A reference to the family vacation to Telenus Beach Resort last August (here). Daddy organized it, yes, but Mommy “brought” Nyan there just as much, if not more, as did Daddy.



“I am grateful for my holidays because I get to see my Grandma and my Grandpa.”  Also pretty self explanatory. (Fantastic drawing of Singapore’s Changi Airport!)



Also self explanatory 🙂



“I am grateful for a type of old military plane. Because I got to take a tour inside the plane.”  This, Nyan tells us, refers to a tour he took of a B-29 bomber at the Cedar Rapids airport, in Iowa. The thing is, that was in summer 2015. Somehow he remembered it two and a half years later?? Gotta be; he says the plane was in Chicago, but we haven’t toured any airplanes in Chicago. So yeah. Guess he really enjoyed that tour!



“I am grateful for my school holidays because I get to go to my old school.” During school breaks in his first half-year at Chatsworth, we would sometimes take him back to his old school, MMI, for the day. He loved it, because he got to see his old pals – and come in as a returning hero. We don’t do that any more, sadly, since all his friends have moved on to other schools.



This was from UN Day at school (see here). We’re not sure what the sticks in a jar was all about, to be honest.



“I am grateful for the mid-term break because I got to watch videos.” We do try to limit his screen time, and he’s okay with that, most of the time, since he has books, toys, and a great imagination. But he does love to just veg out with a video from time to time.



He loves Jayden, and he loves sleepovers with Jayden.



He may complain about it sometimes, but he does like taekwondo. This just proves it.



“I am grateful for my Daddy because he gave me a computer part.” We were taking an old laptop in for recycling recently. Daddy took out the old hard drive, for security purposes, and before he was able to physically destroy it, Nyan begged for it. So, he got it. It’s now a key part of his toy chest.



“I am grateful for a Christmas present.” Self explanatory. The drawing is a little blue Lego robot that Santa brought him.



Finally: he wrote this after our flight home from the US, where we got upgraded to business class. Nyan was obviously very happy about that.


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February Fun

February might be the shortest month, but we sure did pack a lot of fun into those 28 days! Here’s a look back at some of the smaller (and goofier) moments of the month, through both pictures and videos.

Nyan Thomas, engineer: During the spring tide in early February, the sea water (we’re a good three-quarters of a mile inland) backed up the drainage canals and caused minor flooding along the road behind our place. Climate change and rising sea levels are real. In any case, it made an impression on Nyan, as I think this monologue is him devising ways to deal with climate change-related flooding.

Here’s Nyan and Jayden, hiding under the covers and giggling. Caution: this video contains lots of young-boy shrieks.

They tore down the sprawling garden shop across the street from us and are throwing up some high-rise condos. We have a front-row seat to watch (and hear) the pile driving, which we do pretty much every morning.

Presenting…. the Merlion!

Wondering what books to order for his school’s Book Week, and also wondering what books Jayden will order.

Just being silly:

His latest creation at Lego Robotics: an electric guitar:

And finally: dancing to the credits of a movie:

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Nyan’s School Portfolio

As we have mentioned, much of Nyan’s artwork, writings, and other school work has been collected into a large binder, called My Portfolio, all year long. It’s a wonderful book, and we got to take it home for a couple weeks, during which time we scanned some of the best bits. Let’s take a look.


It includes a fair number of photos from throughout the school year

A letter he wrote to Mommy:


Half photo, half self portrait. Check ot the detail on his shirt.


This next one is a fun one:


Check out the detail! Of course, he’s drawing Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, not his own, since he ends up in their bed most nights, still. Grr. But whatever: see Daddy checking the news as he enjoys coffee in bed; see Nyan reading in bed; see the dresser, the window and curtains, the ceiling fan, the round bulb atop the bedpost! The kid has a good eye.

Things he likes: food. music. library. reading. sweets. etc.


And things he dislikes, including cabbage, drowning, stinky smells, deep dark woods and some music. And bugs, too.


Some random factoids he learned about Singapore history:


He drew this happy self-portrait at the start of the school year back in August. Good stuff.


(The words are small; they say: “I feel happy because I am doing science” and “I feel happy because I met Jayden.”)

Last but not least, this wasn’t in his Portfolio but we’ll include it anyway. For Chinese New Year — the Year of the Dog — the kids put resolutions of sorts on paper dog bones, and pinned them up on a board at school. Nyan’s: “I need to improve on fast writing. I need to impove on listening skills.”  We certainly wouldn’t disagree on the second point, at least!

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