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A Visit to See Dinosaur Bones

Who knew there were real dinosaur bones right here in li’l ol’ Singapore? We had kinda heard about a museum with such a display, but hadn’t done anything about it until recently, when we made a Sunday afternoon family trip to a natural history museum out in the west of Singapore. And sure enough, it has has several dinosaur skeletons on display!

Check out them bones:

It’s a pretty cool place even aside from the dinosaurs, with lots of animal and plant exhibits:

And a dolphin skeleton too:

Oh, and plenty of space to dance:

Nyan’s favorite part was in the special exhibit on Christmas Island, which detailed how the island is completely overrun by red crabs at spawning season each year. They had an interactive light display on the floor, showing crabs crawling around; you were supposed to avoid them, but Nyan decided it would be more fun to stomp on them:

The museum is in a pretty cool building, with lots of plants and space:

And more space for dancing:

The museum is part of a university, and we strolled around the campus afterwards. Found a grassy field for students to hang out at; Nyan thought it’d be fun to run down the hill.

The simple pleasures in life for a city kid! 

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Some Late-Year School Work

Toward the end of the school year in June, Mommy and Daddy attended numerous events at Nyan’s school, and got to see many examples of his drawings and writings pinned to various walls. Let’s take a quick look.

First up: all the kids did a drawing/painting of their most favorite moment of the school year. Here’s Nyan’s – and yes, of course it involves Jayden. (We especially love the detail of the clouds in the sky!)

The kids learned about measurements, and Nyan did a very detailed piece illustrating all the different things that can be measured. (Such as the temperature, which can tell you if it’s going to snow tomorrow in Iowa!)


Here’s a zoomed-in look at both parts of that paper. Click to enlarge and read:

And there was a unit on reduce/reuse/recycle — very ably illustrated here by Nyan. (Click to enlarge.)

Almost last but not least, here’s a nice mellow painting of some flowers, we think:


And last but not least, a goofy boy at the end of the school day, making himself dizzy.

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Yellow Belt!

Back in April, Nyan went for his latest taekwondo grading exercise — proving to a panel of judges that he has the skill to move up to the next level, and get a new color of belt. 

Some photos from before and after the grading (parents aren’t allowed in to see the actual grading itself):

And some video as he and others warmed up and practiced, waiting to go in and get graded: 

So did he pass? Reader, he passed. Check him out as his instructor, Master Lee, awards the new yellow belt:

He was rightfully very proud of himself:

Bonus: Our boy is rising through the taekwondo ranks, but he still manages to have fun in class. Here he is one day, playing some sort of dodge ball with his classmates and Master Lee.

Next up: green-tip belt. Grading is in August. Fingers crossed!

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The Month that Was

Let’s take a look at some of those smaller moments of the month of April 2018. 

Nyan decided one evening to make a book about space rockets. 

Some random photos:

One Sunday afternoon we went to an event at the Singapore Cricket Club. It was an adults-oriented event, but Nyan was very well behaved. He kept busy by trying chocolate-covered strawberries for the first time, and by then getting a sugar rush that had him running all over the place.

More randoms, including a birthday card he drew for Valentina:

Finally, just a couple of family portraits — family selfies, really. Felfies?


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Nyan Vs. the Wall

A few weeks back, Jayden’s parents organized a little get-together for a handful of kids at a nearby indoor wall-climbing place. Daddy had been climbing once before and loved it; Nyan hadn’t been but said he was willing to give it a go. So off we went! 

The afternoon started with everyone getting fitted for their harnesses and going through a safety and how-to briefing. Nyan, of course, had to put on his most miserable face for the camera.

We did some climbing on the walls, but it wasn’t long before Nyan and Jayden decided they’d rather spend some time in the little area that simulates, I guess, cave climbing — with more of a slope to the wall, and not as high.

It was fun, but it wasn’t long before one of the staffers came over to tell us that while kids aren’t exactly banned from that part of the facility, they aren’t exactly encouraged to be there either. We took the hint and headed back to the climbing walls.

Here’s our boy bravely scaling the wall:

And here he is, live. Jayden too.

Okay, so Nyan isn’t yet the next [insert name of a famous rock climber here]. And maybe he never will be. But he gave it a go, and didn’t give up when the going got tough. Well done, Nyan!

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Nyan and His Friends

Nyan’s a sociable little fella, and he seems to be pretty well-liked by most of his peers and classmates. Let’s take a look at some recent interactions.

His old friend and former classmate Valentina had a birthday party at her condo in April, so we got to catch up with her and with some other former classmates like Isla and Abi. There was swimming:

And cake and food:

And general play:

It rained pretty heavily for part of the party, which led Nyan to narrate some goofy weather reports. (We think that’s it — hard to hear for all the rain!)

The most fun, surely, came when the kids all discovered the condo’s handball court. Kids + handball court + balloons = mayhem! 

Of course, no mention of Nyan’s friends is complete without plenty of mentions of Jayden, his classmate and friend from the other side of our condo complex.

Here are the lads running wild one morning after a sleepover:

Another friend is a girl Lara. She’s 10 or so, lives in the apartment just below us, and is often downstairs in the evenings, running around with the other kids. She’s quite nice and takes good care of the younger kids. One evening she gave Nyan a scooter ride.


Finally, one Friday morning in April, Nyan’s school hosted a family PE event, where the adults and the kids played various games like dodgeball and whatnot. Lots of kids, lots of activity, lots of sweating. Here’s Nyan, making silly faces as he sits with his classmates:

And various shots from before and after the events.

No actual video of the games, since Daddy was too busy running around and being chased by the kids!

He’s off to a new school next year and surely will make even more friends and pals there. 

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Nyan Visits the Dive Show

Daddy loves to scuba dive. Nyan is too young to dive — you have to be at least 10 years old — and in fact has yet to even snorkel (though we plan to change that this summer!). Still, he was pretty excited to accompany Daddy to a scuba diving exhibition at our local convention center. 

The place was chock full of stalls selling all kinds of dive equipment, booths staffed by various dive resorts or destinations, and environmental groups touting the need to, say, reduce the use of plastic and to stop ordering shark fin soup — all good and valid concerns. There were also attractions specially set up for the kiddos.

Like one where the kids are strapped into a harness, lifted up by a sort of crane, and then lowered down into a faux water tank, where the kid — still suspended — does things like clean up ocean trash or count the number of fish. Here’s our boy getting strapped in:

He looks a little dubious. But once he got going… well, let’s roll tape:

Yeah, he loved it. Loved it so much, in fact, that he went back a second time.

There was also a tank of mermaids.

Probably Nyan’s favorite activity was the faux fishing boat. It was set up by a company called Dynaglass, which makes fiberglass stuff — like boat hulls. Nyan was able to climb onto a modest-sized boat, grab a fishing rod baited with a magnet, and catch a paper ‘fish.’

Here’s the fisherman in action:

As with the fake diving, he enjoyed the fake fishing so much that we returned a bit later for another round.

He not only got some fake fish; he also got some sweet Dynaglass branded products, including a nice thermos that he now uses as his daily water bottle, and a Dynaglass baseball cap that he’ll often wear to school. 

Here are a few random shots from the show — including one of that hat.

Nyan says he wants to go diving with Daddy someday. Til he can do that, we’ll just have to come back to this dive show each year! 

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