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Nyan Plays Tennis. Sort of.

Every Thursday after school, Nyan’s friend Jayden has tennis lessons on the courts at our apartment complex. They like to play after the lesson is over, so Nyan often hangs around the court. The coach is quite nice and often lets Nyan have a go. The results are…. well, let’s just say we’re not booking our tickets to Wimbledon just yet.

Bless him. He’s trying!

Here he is a couple weeks after those first two videos. A wee bit of improvement, maybe?

But he has fun. Fresh air. Socializing.

And most importantly, Nyan knows the best use for a tennis racket is as an air guitar. (And check out those foot moves!)

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Bye-Bye, MMI

August was a bittersweet month in at least one way: Yes, our boy was moving on to “real” school. But that meant saying goodbye to his preschool, Modern Montessori International, where he spent three wonderful and incredibly formative years.

We managed to snap a few shots of the hugs that were going around when Daddy picked Nyan up on his very last day at MMI:

Just for fun, here’s a video one of his teachers took a couple months back of Nyan answering some questions about breakfast time at Nyan’s place.

Several other students were leaving MMI and starting at international schools around the same time, so Abi’s parents threw a farewell pool party in mid-August.

A couple of pool shots:

And some goofy kid shots:

Even more kid shots – goofy and non-goofy:

Nyan’s settling in very well at his new school, with lots of new friends already, but we’ll always remember the MMI years with nothing but fondness.

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Fun Times in the Month of July 

It was certainly a busy month, with birthdays and circuses and much more. Here’s more of the much more: A random assortment of random photos from the month of July 2017.

Oh, and a video of Nyan playing in a new kiddie ride they installed in the building where his school is:

And more pics.


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Sunday Fun Day(s)

In the average week, Nyan is busy at school for the five weekdays, then busy with various classes on Saturday. We try to keep Sunday loose and unscheduled, so that we can sleep in and be lazy, and maybe go to a museum or a hike or a swim. Family day.

But sometimes, there’s something more structured to do. We had a couple such Sundays in July. One of them involved Adriana coming over for another playdate:

Another day, Daddy was running an early morning 5k, and Nyan and Mommy came down to cheer him on. (Well, to be precise, a certain almost-six-year-old was feeling groggy and tired and grumpy and dragging his feet, so he didn’t get down to the race site until after the race was over. But Daddy still appreciated the gesture!

Some pics from the race (actually lining up waiting for it to start):

And here’s Nyan, proudly showing off the medal that “he” won after “he” finished the run.

Afterwards, we walked around downtown a bit, finding some food and just relaxing. Nyan was captivated by this giant metal waterwheel that an office building has as a piece of public art:

And on the way home, he showed off a combination of taekwondo and modern dance:

That was…something!

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Winding Down at MMI

The month of July was Nyan’s last full month at Modern Montessori International, or MMI — the Montessori preschool he went to for three-plus years. We’ll have a full retrospective in a few weeks, but for now, let’s take a look at some random school-related photos from the closing weeks.

Some silliness in the elevator on the way to school:

One drizzly morning we bumped into Jayden, who walked with us to school:

And here we are at the school itself. Just a few random moments:

Of course, one of the highlights of every school day was playtime in the indoor playground at the end of the day. Here’s another look at the fun (including a little boy who doesn’t like it when he realizes Daddy is filming him):

As we prepared for the transition to his new school, we bought new uniforms, and Nyan proudly modeled them:

And finally, a bit of praise from his teacher, written for our parent-teacher conference in June. Good job, Nyan!


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Happy Birthday to Eva!

Eva is a girl a year below Nyan at his Montessori school. She was turning five in July, and invited a bunch of schoolmates – including Nyan and several others from his class – to a party, held at an indoor playground called Waka Waka. Same place, in fact, where Kyle had his party back in February, and where Nyan conquered the rope course (see here).

The rope course wasn’t available this time, but Nyan still managed a personal first, and had a great time as well.

There were games and songs and cake:

And they did the limbo:

Also a pinata. Nyan got a few whacks at it. Nice hits!

Finally, the payoff:

After the organized party bits, the kids went buck wild at the playground portion.

One popular spot was a little house where the kids could put up foam bricks to build walls.

It’s all well and good until a younger kid tears down the wall:

The highlight, though, was surely the gigantic vinyl volcano. It’s got some rope and footholds for kids to climb up, but it’s tough as it’s steep and the vinyl is slippery. Nyan tried but didn’t make it when Kyle had his party here five months earlier. But this time, Nyan was a fearless mountain climber:

So proud of our boy! He remains a bit skittish and shy when it comes to trying new things – especially if they are a little challenging, like this – but he does get there eventually. Just gotta be patient with him at times.

Besides all this fun, Nyan also got to hang with his pals – especially Adriana, Kyra and Chrysa. We’ll close with some lovely pictures of all the kiddos.

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Taekwondo: The Next Level

With Nyan turning six in July, he moved out of the introductory ‘kinder’ class at his taekwondo studio, and into the true first level. There are a range of kids there, from about his age to maybe 10 or so. Everyone is very nice and Nyan has fit in quite well.

It wasn’t an easy transition though: after a successful first class with his new friends, the little dude flat-out refused to go for the next 2 or 3 classes. Lots of tears and bawling and general stubbornness. It was pretty rough. And totally expected, the staff nicely told us: lots of kids have these issues when transitioning to a new class. (Whether that’s true, or they were just being nice, we appreciated them saying it!)

But we persevered. And we broke through, and now? he’s back to loving it.

Here he is, not long after he went back to having fun, with Mr Lee still giving him extra attention:

A few weeks later, during warm ups:

Practicing his moves. He’s getting good!

And his kicking. Still some work to be done, but definitely making improvements.

He’s still a white belt, but he’s getting better and better, and hopefully before long he’ll qualify to take the test to get a yellow belt. That will, we think, make him even more excited to continue with taekwondo.

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