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Nyan Thomas Does Kinnick Stadium

About a mile or so from where Daddy grew up is a place called Kinnick Stadium, where the local ¬†university football team plays. Daddy spent a lot of time there as a kid; it’s sort of the beating heart of his hometown, to some degree, so it holds a lot of sentimental meaning.

It so happens that a neighbor of Grandma and Grandpa works at the stadium, and offered to give Nyan a tour one day when there was no game. Grandma, Grandpa and Daddy were probably more excited about it than Nyan, to be truthful, but Nyan still managed to enjoy himself.


We started off with a tour of the press box, where we could see the whole stadium from high above.

Then it was down into the bowels of the old building, where the locker rooms are. The visitors’ locker room is well-known for being painted a sort of salmon pink – supposedly to make the visiting team a bit more mellow. There’s no great evidence that it works though.


Then the home team’s locker room, where our boy went a little crazy.

Some words of advice that the players see inside their locker room:


Then finally, it was down the concrete hallway they call the Tunnel, and out ¬†onto the field itself. Daddy had been on the field several times before – rushing the field after a particularly exciting victory, mostly – but it’s a totally different feel to have the whole field – the whole stadium, in fact – pretty much to yourself.

Nyan got his exercise in as well. And took a tumble, like all good football players.

PS – little-known fact that “Kinnick” was on the short list for names for our boy before he was born. (Okay, “Kinnick” was on Daddy’s short list. And not entirely seriously, frankly.) Kinnick Stadium is a great place – but we do think Nyan fits our boy much better.




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As you may know, Nyan has never been too fond of dogs. He’s long had a healthy skepticism of them, a skepticism that often has spilled over into outright fear. It hasn’t helped that, living in a high-rise in one of the world’s most densely populated cities, he doesn’t have a lot of chances to have long interactions with the furry fellows.

Happily, that changed in September when visiting Phil, Jill and their three boys in Chicago. They have a lovely little rescue dog named Pearl, who’s quite mellow and sweet. Nyan has met Pearl before but never really clicked, but this trip, something came together in his head and before we knew it, Nyan was all over the friendly pooch.

Here he is, walking and cuddling Pearl like they had always been best pals:

Cuddling his new pal:

It wasn’t just Pearl though. He brought his new-found love of canines back with us when we returned to Iowa City. Check him out here with Aunt Maggie’s pooch:

And then there was the Beast, a.k.a. Lily, one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. She’s Cousin Mia’s pooch, and Nyan loved Beast too.

Okay, so it took a minute. But once they warmed up to each other, it was all love.

Happy to report that he’s still into dogs now that we’re back in Singapore. No fear of them at all. Such a nice change. He’s even mentioned, a time or two, getting a dog himself. Uh, we quickly change the topic. Dude, we live in a not-huge apartment on the 20th floor – not so great for a dog.

Still, pleased as hell that he’s finally into dogs. Our boy is coming along nicely.


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Fun Times with the Iowa Fam

Nyan always has a great time whenever we’re able to visit Iowa. And why not? It’s clean, spacious, plenty to see and do, and lots of family members to dote on him. He certainly had fun this fall with Grandma and Grandpa:

And with cousin Mia too:

And he had a blast at Uncle Scott and Aunt Maggie’s too — where Uncle Scott made him a nameplate in his wood shop and Grandpa let him drive the lawnmower.

In fact, Nyan enjoys Iowa so much that he’ll often say he wants to live there! When we mention that it gets really, really cold there, he shrugs and says ‘I like the cold.’ No, son, not this kind of cold you don’t. But still – great to see him embracing his paternal roots, for sure.




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Nyan Thomas, Airport Aficionado

We spent a lot of times at various airports this summer and fall as we flew from Singapore to London to Detroit to Iowa, and then reversed ourselves and flew back the other way. A few shots from the long, long journey:

The flight from Singapore to London Heathrow. It was about 14 and a half hours. Despite catching a little can nap, we still got a little loopy by the end of it.

Chilling at the car rental place with all our luggage, waiting for our car to be ready:

At Heathrow, watching the planes as we wait for our flight to the US:


Post-transatlantic flight, passed out at the Detroit airport. Jet lag!

And finally, weeks later, back home at Singapore’s Changi Airport after a long two days of travel:

Welcome home, world traveler!

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More Family Fun in the UK

Some more random photos and videos of Nyan enjoying his time with the K clan in England.

Here’s some more good times playing with Elodie:

An eagle eye’s view of Nyan goofing around in the back garden with his cousins:

And more photos. More family fun!

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An hour or so outside of London is a kid’s paradise known as Diggerland. Someone took a bunch of old construction equipment — backhoes, trucks, and of course diggers — and turned it into a theme park for kids. One day during our August sojourn in England, Auntie Zuzu and Uncle Iain took Nyan there for the day – and a splendid time was had by all.



Here’s an assortment of snapshots that should give a pretty good sense of all the fun that was had:

And yes you can see a couple pictures of a giant digger thing being used as a thrill ride. Not bad at all:

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Nyan Thomas Battles the Robot

So we went to visit some schools in Cambridge, England. One of them had a computer lab in which the older kids had built a real, functioning robot. They call it Mechanoid, and it’s quite a thing. So the woman giving us the school tour turned on the droid and we had some fun. Or tried to; it wasn’t the most responsive robot ever, I suppose.

Still, there were high fives, or attempts at high fives:

And there were jokes, robot style:

And there was even a moment when our hero tried to dance with Mechanoid:

Okay, so maybe the technology isn’t quite ready for prime time. But still, this was built by some school kids! Very impressive.



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Good Times in England, Part Two

Part two of our two-part look at some smaller but often just as silly moments involving Nyan on his recent trip to England.

Like more sky-soaring:

And pictures:

Showing off, I guess, his taekwondo moves, plus some dance steps:

More piccers. If it looks like he slept a lot, that’s just the jet lag talking.

When Nyan was a baby, he was fascinated by Phwa Phwa’s cuckoo clock. Turns out he finds it just as hypnotic today:

One last batch of photos:

And finally. Trying to draw but mostly just being silly, excitable, manic. That’s our boy.

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