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More Fun in July

Some random videos and photos from July 2019:

Goofy dancing: 

Working on his programming (and game-playing) skills:


Late night (jet-lagged after our return from the US) discussions of old art:

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Jayden and Nyan

These two besties got to spend a good amount of time together in July, capped off by two nights in a row of sleepovers to mark Nyan’s birthday. Let’s take a look at the two crazy kids in action.

Dinner at a local shopping mall one evening turned into a bit of a dance-off between the two:

They also got lots of play time, goofing around time, screen time, and just generally boys-being-boys time.

 We close with just  a couple of dudes, walking down the road.

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Nyan Turns 8!

On July 26, 2019, our boy turned eight years old. We kept the celebrations a little on the low-key side this year, but we did manage to have fun and properly honor our fast-growing little man.

It so happened that Cirque du Soleil was back in town, so we paid them a visit for Nyan’s birthday. We posed for a few family selfies on the way:

The show itself was fantastic, of course:

We all enjoyed it, and Nyan especially enjoyed dinner afterwards at a Japanese pub, where he got to drink cranberry juice out of a boot-shaped beer stein:

The birthday itself featured a “double sleepover” — two nights in a row of Nyan and Jayden doing more playing than actual sleeping — as well as a present-opening session and hanging out with Jayden and Lily.

More on Jayden in an upcoming post…

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Summer Camp: A Star is Born?

Nyan spent a few weeks at various day camps in July 2019. Probably the best was Drama Camp, where they did a sort of modernized telling of Romeo and Juliet, with a performance for the parents at the end of the week. And who’s that young man who was tapped in the title role of Romeo himself? Yep, our boy. Let’s take a look at the full performance, in multiple clips. A little long, but worth it!

Not bad, eh? 

His other day camps included math, cooking, and aviation. Aviation was especially fun as he got to bring home various flying objects each day.


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