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The Needle and the Damage Done (with video!)

Nyan had another visit to the pediatrician on Thursday. Not just a regular check-up though: it was time to start his vaccinations. Beatrice and I braced for the worst; not just the after-effects (fever, soreness, fussiness), but we also expected that the little guy would not like being poked, not one bit. So it’s fair to say that we were both a little nervous heading in to the appointment.

(Even worse, from my point of view: I had to work and couldn’t get away for the appointment – the doctor is literally around the corner from our apartment, and sadly it’s tough for me to break away for 2.5 or 3 hours in the middle of the day. So Beatrice and Nyan had to fly solo while I fretted just a bit from my office in Midtown Manhattan.)

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Uncle Scott’s Visit

Scott – Nyan’s uncle, daddy’s brother –  came for a visit last weekend. It was his first time to meet Nyan, and only his second time in New York, and first time since 2003. I can’t say that he did too many tourist things, but he didn’t seem to mind too much.

I took the day off on Friday, and Scott arrived mid-morning after an early flight from Chicago. The four of us (Scott, Nyan, Beatrice and I) hung out for a bit; Beatrice went grocery shopping just as a huge monsoon of a rainstorm – we’re talking probably 3 or 4 inches of rain in the space of two hours – settled in over Brooklyn. Adding insult to injury, an auto parts warehouse about four blocks south caught fire, sending huge clouds of noxious, possibly toxic smoke all over the neighborhood. So there wasn’t a whole lot of incentive to leave the apartment. But that was alright; we hung out, chatted, and played with Nyan. Nyan readily took to Uncle Scott, cooing and smiling and turning on his nearly legendary charm.

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Today’s photo: happy happy, joy joy!

Hanging out with Daddy before work this morning. What an adorable little guy…

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Weekend with Nyan

Editor’s note: We wrote this several days ago. Just posting it now – ironic, or something, in that it’s a post about a weekend, but the next weekend is upon us. Sorry. Busy.

We had a brief moment of radio silence on this here blog, as your humble blog-writer had a lot of things occupying his attentions last week. But the busy week transitioned seamlessly into a very mellow weekend, with lots of family time.

On Saturday, after some errands in the morning, we decked Nyan out in his Iowa Hawkeye gear so he could watch the football game with Daddy. Beatrice could care less about Hawkeye football – hey, she’s just about perfect, but clearly not 100% perfect – so she headed over to Manhattan for lunch with a friend. Nyan and I watched the football game (a great game too, with a stirring and very improbable come-from-behind victory for the home team). I would occasionally explain to him what was going on, and whenever the camera caught a glimpse of the University of Iowa Hospital behind the stadium, I’d point out that that was where Daddy was born. He seemed impressed.

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Today’s photo: welcome home!

It kinda sucks that I have to be at work all day and don’t get to hang out with Beatrice and Nyan. But at least this is the expression I get to see some days when I get home…

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Out with the Nanny

Editor’s note: To fully understand this post, you have to understand the nature of our neighborhood. We live on the outskirts of an area called Park Slope; the Slope’s reputation is that it’s where Manhattan residents move to after they have kids. And during the days, the streets are filled with strollers – many of them pushed by nannies, since Mom and Dad both work in the city and bring home large enough incomes to afford a daylong nanny.

You must also understand that Beatrice is looking good these days. If you didn’t know, you’d be shocked to learn that she had a baby just eight weeks ago.

The scene: the Walgreen’s drug store near our house, midday. Stocking up on diapers.

The players: Nyan in his stroller; Beatrice pushing Nyan; a host of other midday shoppers and Walgreens employees.

Nyan being Nyan, he tends to attract a lot of attention wherever he goes. “What a cutie!” “What a gorgeous baby!” Mommy and Daddy eat it up, of course, and certainly agree. Such was the case today, as Beatrice and Nyan fended off compliment after compliment.

Until one would-be complimenter took it too far: “Oh, how lucky you are, to get to be the nanny to such a gorgeous child!”


I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m sure Beatrice was nothing but polite as she informed this person that, no, she’s not the nanny – she’s the mother.

“Oh, oh, I mean, you’re lucky to be the mother of such a gorgeous child!” the person tried to backtrack.

It is, I suppose, an understandable presumption. Beatrice is a minority, pushing a baby who, at first glance at least, still looks pretty white. She’s in excellent shape, and it’s midday, when the streets are filled with other nannies.

But still. We’ve joked about this before – “People on the street probably assume I’m the nanny, ha ha!” – but apparently we were spot on.

It’s amusing if nothing else. Here, then, is a photo of Nyan strapped into his stroller (from this past weekend, not from today).

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Eight weeks old!

Nyan Thomas is eight weeks old today, and we celebrated by pulling together some photos, a series of pictures taken every 2 or 3 days for the last 56 days.

Check it out by simply clicking here!

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Today’s photo: boys rule

Just a random shot from Friday of our guy. Ain’t he adorable!

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Happy Birthday!

Our boy is seven weeks old today. It’s very true what they say about time flying and all that.

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Ode to Grandma – with photos!

As you’ve read, Grandma L. came to visit for a few days last week, arriving on Labor Day and leaving on Saturday. She’s been to New York many times before, and felt no need or desire to do anything touristy at all. All she wanted to do was hang out with, and spoil, Nyan. And did she ever! The young man spent pretty much all day every day in her arms, napping or just cuddling, or otherwise getting plenty of attention. Read the rest of this entry »

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