A Year in the Life: Month Eight (2/26/12 – 3/25/12)

21 Jul

Eighth in a series

Nyan Thomas got to spend much of his eighth month of life in the UK, with the K. side of the family. Mommy, you see, needed to take a big exam to maintain her professional certification, and needed to study hard for it; that was proving impossible to do in Brooklyn, where she was on full-time baby duty all day every weekday. So in early March the two of them flew back across the Atlantic. (She passed the test, of course; hooray!)

But we packed a bit of family fun into the days before they left. First off, Daddy took a day off from work and rented a car, and the three of us drove down to Chinatown in Brooklyn for a weekday Dim Sum lunch, as you saw here.

We also captured this video – still one of my favorites – of Nyan tapping his feet while waiting for dinner to be served.

And one chilly winter day, Mommy and Nyan met Daddy in the city for some personal errands; on the way back, they passed through Manhattan’s Chinatown and came across a random dragon parade. We’re still not sure what it was for, but it was certainly colorful.

Then it was off to the airport – where he charmed the ticket agents and TSA guards, as you read here – and over the sea.

Once he got there, it was time to be spoiled again. He got to attend Phwa Phwa’s 60th birthday party in early March, as you saw here. And his auntie and uncles took him to the playground on a regular basis – it was cool, but not as cool as New  York, and plus spring was on the way. Turns out, as you saw here, the boy loves to swing.

And in between study sessions, there were plenty of Skype sessions with Daddy back in New York.

As the end of the month rolled around, Nyan Thomas was still in the UK, but preparing to return to Brooklyn, where spring had sprung in his absence, and where Mommy and Daddy were about to set in motion some big plans that would mean big and good changes in all of their lives. For more on that, check back tomorrow for the next review!

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