A Year in the Life: Month Seven (1/26/12 – 2/25/12)

20 Jul

Nyan Thomas’s seventh month of life – from late January through most of February – started with a bang when, on the afternoon of Jan. 31, we got visual confirmation of the young man’s first tooth! We were quite excited, of course. We noted at the time that it came hard on the heels of a new food regimen, built around less formula and more food, albeit mushy foods like rice cereal, mashed sweet potatoes and the like. The boy was loving the new tastes, and was grabbing for the spoon and leaning forward to get the next bite.

By mid-February we had another tooth in full view, as reported; both were on the bottom, but we could see some on the top that were about to break through as well. He was having some teething pains, especially in the middle of the night, which necessitated some teething gel applications in the wee hours.

We also reported around this time that Nyan was figuring out how to crawl. As we said midmonth:

The young man is figuring out how to crawl – and Sunday afternoon, he actually got it! Butt up in the air, propped up on his front arms, he scooted forward! It was a legitimate crawl, though just a one-time deal. But he did it again this morning. It won’t be long until he figures out how (or builds the strength) to do it for extended periods. At that point, of course, the entire apartment will be up for grabs. We’re still not sure how we’ll deal with that; the kid has boundless energy, and we can just imagine the hijinx he’s about to get into…

That was certainly a very accurate prediction, we can say today…

Month Seven also featured a visit, in late January, from Aunt Maggie and Grandma L., as reported. It was Maggie’s first time to meet the boy, and they got along great; she graciously gave him lots of cuddles, kisses, and baths.

We also bought ourselves a video monitor this month – we should have bought it ages ago, we realized! – and amused ourselves by using its infrared record function to take short videos of Nyan sleeping, or not sleeping as the case may be, as you saw here.

In mid-February, we took Nyan to a nearby Sears portrait studio for a photo shoot in honor of his six-month birthday on Jan. 26. As you saw here, the kid loves the camera and, we’d say, the camera loves the kid…

Nyan Thomas certainly packed a lot into his seventh month of life!

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