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Other Things We Did in September 2021

A mish-mash of randomness. Some pictures:

Jumping across the gap outside our favorite restaurant. Someday he’ll make it:

More pictures:

A couple of pieces of artwork from the month:

Tickling the ol’ ivories:

And just a few more random photos.

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Dogs and Other Friends

Just another in our periodic check-in of Nyan with his friends. This edition features all people and canines from our apartment complex.

It’s always a good time with Nadia – whether that’s a playdate, a lunch date, or a mini-picnic with Nadia and a few other friends.

And finally. Do we love dogs? We do. The little one is Lemon, who belongs to another classmate who gets off the bus with Nyan; the other is a random golden retriever we met outside the complex one night. Sweet pup.

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Bounce and Spin and Flip 

Nyan made a few visits to a local trampoline park called Bounce, along with Jayden and Jonnie. Great exercise and great fun. Let’s take a look!

Some good height and good spins:

More jumps, pushing through a slightly sore back (don’t worry, he was fine):


Some really great height here:

Finally, you can hear Jayden explaining to his mom, the cameraman, how the boys had assigned themselves roles. Jayden’s the flipper, Nyan’s the high jumper, and Jonnie is the flipper-in-training!

Fun times!

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