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Recent Playground Fun

Most days after school, Nyan and Daddy spend a good hour or so down at the playground at our apartment complex – burning off energy, getting fresh air, socializing. There are a good number of kids around Nyan’s age who are usually down there at the same time. Here’s some of their recent hijinx: This is Nyan and Neil, a boy who also happens to attend Nyan’s school.

Here’s some fun on the playground equipment: This is Nyan with Justin, a very sweet boy who’s a year or two older. They have a blast together, and recently discovered that Nyan can sit on the back of Justin’s bike while they tool around the complex. (And yes, Daddy insists that Nyan wears his shoes while doing this. He just happened to get away with no-shoes this one time.)

One day, none of the other boys were around, but in one of the function rooms near the playground, someone had put a toy kitchen. So we hung out there, cooking (notice the exchange after he gives daddy some chicken rice. “It’s delicious. How did you make it so good?” “I put oil on it.” The kid is turning into a fine chef, even if just make believe for now) and bouncing around the room and being silly. Speaking of silly, here’s Nyan, being silly. And, at one point, being a dog. That’s our boy.

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Nyan Thomas Does Vietnam

A few months back, we had a lovely family vacation, leaving the tropical heat and humidity of Singapore for the cloudy, drizzly and cool (to us anyway) environs of central Vietnam – Da Nang, to be precise, right in the middle of the country (and, as it happens, the place where U.S. Marines first landed way back at the start of what the Vietnamese call the American War). We didn’t get much sun, but we had a great time. And here, better late than never, a bunch of pictures and videos. Here we are at Changi Airport, checking out our plane and Nyan checking out one of the giant climbing things they have to keep kids entertained.

Nyan on the flight: DSC_0485 The security lines at Saigon Airport. For travelers coming from Changi Airport – truly one of the best, and definitely one of the most efficient airports in the world – returning to the reality of a very average airport was a shocker! 20141219_152840 But we made it to Da Nang.

We stayed at the Pullman Da Nang resort. It was just lovely. Highly recommended. We were there a few days before Christmas, so it was relatively empty at first, which gave us pretty much the run of the house.

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Nyan Thomas, Multi-Cultural Eater

As you may know, Nyan is part Iowan and part Asian. You won’t find much of a better example of this than some snackin’ Nyan undertook the other day. Dried seaweed and corn on the cob. (Separately, that is.)

First, the seaweed:

And the corn:

The corn, by the way, comes from Malaysia. And while Nyan likes it just fine, Daddy has to report that, no, it’s nowhere near as good as Iowa corn. (In fact, it’s such a pale imitation that Daddy can’t bring himself to eat Malaysian corn on the cob. Nyan doesn’t seem to mind though.)

Also by the way: at the end of the video, you’ll hear Nyan whining. What he’s saying is “But later, the bugs will cry!” See, we were discussing how we were going to tackle a swarm of flies that had invaded the house (it’s a tropical thing, apparently) and Nyan apparently thought our methods were a bit too severe. Bless him.

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Bumper Cars!

A few weeks back, as part of the local Chinese New Year celebrations, they threw a big carnival-type thing downtown. Lots of kiddie rides, bouncy castles, food stalls, ice creams and other sweet treats, standard stuff. Among the kiddie rides was bumper cars, which Nyan, for some reason, became insistent that we go on. We figured why not, so Daddy and Nyan climbed into a bumper car.

How’d it go? Good! Here they are getting ready to rumble:

And live action:

Here are some still shots:

A good way to introduce the lad to carnival culture, we guess…

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Quotes of the Day

Nyan was his usual hot-and-cold self this morning: bright, cheery, happy and goofy when we first woke up. Daddy offered to make him some peanut butter and toast, and Nyan happily agreed. Fast forward three minutes later: the toast is done, the peanut butter is spread, and a hungry Nyan is in full-on raging a-hole mode. Cue the tears, the yelling, the 100% tantrum. Why?

“I don’t want the toast to smell like that!”


Eventually we got him calmed down, tears and snot wiped off, food in belly. All good. Then, while Daddy was pulling together Nyan’s bits and pieces for school, the artist was sitting in the living room, merrily drawing trucks and rocket shops with his crayons. He picked up a brown crayon, gazed at it, and said:

“I love you, brown crayon!”

That’s our boy, ladies and gentlemen, in all his glory.

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Happy (Belated) Birthday to Kyle

A month or so ago, Nyan’s pal Kyle turned four years old, and his parents threw a fun party at a local indoor playground type place. There were climbing structures, a huge slide, ball pits, and of course cake and other snacks. And lots of Nyan’s classmates from school. Fun for all!


Here’s Nyan and Nat-Nat (Nathaniel) in the ball pit:

And here’s Kyle, affectionately tackling Nyan in the same pit:

Nyan and Kyle, cutting the cake:

Nyan eating some cake, joined by a new friend:

And finally, a quick video of that giant slide we mentioned. That’s Adrianna fearlessly rushing down. If you squint really hard, you can see Nyan waaaay up at the top… refusing to come down. The kid can be a little bit cautious when it comes to trying new things. Eventually, Daddy was able to coax Nyan onto his lap and they rode down together a few times. And guess what? Nyan loved it, when he finally gave it a try. There’s surely a lesson in there somewhere.


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Back to the Dentist

It’s been six months since Nyan’s last (and first) visit to the dentist, so the other day, we all went back for a check up, first thing on a Saturday morning. We’re happy to report that everyone’s teeth and gums are in fine shape; we’re even happier to report that Nyan was absolutely fine with the whole thing.

Not that we had any doubt, actually.

After Nyan’s exam and cleaning, he waited patiently in the waiting room while Mommy had her turn. It was filled with books and toys and the like, so Nyan was kept entertained.

Not a bad way to start the day.

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Progress on the Scooter

Long-time readers may remember that Nyan has had, for about a year and a half now, a scooter. Those readers may also remember from past posts that Nyan has yet to prove himself, how to put this politely, skilled at scooting. Well, fear no more: the lad is actually coming along in leaps and bounds when it comes to playground mobility. Look:

He doesn’t yet have the whole turning thing down pat, and his idea of braking so far involves him running into the grass until the scooter’s momentum is lost, or else just stepping off the thing. But still, he’s getting good and having fun at the same time. Perfect. (Other than the bit at the end where he tries to intentionally run into Daddy…)

For comparison’s sake, here he is back in March of last year in London:

And this past August:

See? Progress.


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