Happy (Belated) Birthday to Kyle

08 Mar

A month or so ago, Nyan’s pal Kyle turned four years old, and his parents threw a fun party at a local indoor playground type place. There were climbing structures, a huge slide, ball pits, and of course cake and other snacks. And lots of Nyan’s classmates from school. Fun for all!


Here’s Nyan and Nat-Nat (Nathaniel) in the ball pit:

And here’s Kyle, affectionately tackling Nyan in the same pit:

Nyan and Kyle, cutting the cake:

Nyan eating some cake, joined by a new friend:

And finally, a quick video of that giant slide we mentioned. That’s Adrianna fearlessly rushing down. If you squint really hard, you can see Nyan waaaay up at the top… refusing to come down. The kid can be a little bit cautious when it comes to trying new things. Eventually, Daddy was able to coax Nyan onto his lap and they rode down together a few times. And guess what? Nyan loved it, when he finally gave it a try. There’s surely a lesson in there somewhere.


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