A Visit to Tiong Bahru

05 Jan

Tiong Bahru is the name of a neighborhood not far from downtown Singapore. It’s known for its food shops, its cafes and its 1930s art deco architecture. One Sunday morning, Nyan and Daddy headed there for a casual stroll. It wasn’t all that exciting, but it was a nice change of pace.

We walked down the sidewalks and checked out the old wooden doors…

We admired a bright Vespa parked on the road:

Fun fact: Tiong Bahru is close to Singapore General Hospital, and back in WW2, the Japanese made a habit of trying to drop bombs on the hospital. Sometimes they would miss and hit Tiong Bahru, so the government built air raid shelters there, which you can still see the outside of. There’s a little display of old photos from inside, and an old advertisement from someone offering to build air raid shelters, I guess?

And finally: Tiong Bahru is kind of an artistic area, so we stumbled upon a mural of a giant goat. Not sure why, but we had to take photos, of course.

That’s it. Like we said, not the most exciting trip ever. But still nice!

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