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September Follies

A quick look at some other random fun that our boy got up to in the month of September 2019. Starting with some clothes shopping and modeling:

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Fun with Friends

Long-time readers of this blog know Nyan’s bestie is Jayden. But he’s a sociable fella, and a likable young man (we like to think, most of the time), with plenty of other friends and acquaintances. Let’s look at a few more.

First up: Helena, a.k.a. Ellie. She’s a couple years younger than Nyan, lives in the same tower as us, and rides the same bus to and fro school every day. They’re good pals; Nyan’s also a big fan of Ellie’s 15-month old sister, Isabella.

Nyan and Ellie will chat-chat waiting for the bus, goof around walking back home at the end of the day, even getting together for playdates. And Isabella, well, he loves to get high-fives from her.

Then there’s Howie, who also lives in our same tower. He’s a couple years older than Nyan. They got to be pretty good friends for a while, then their relationship cooled (as these things do), but lately they’ve been hanging out again.

Of course, no look at Nyan having fun would be complete without talking about Jayden (and Jayden’s younger brother Jonnie). Here they are in various fun scenarios in September and a bit in October, including Jayden’s birthday.

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Taekwondo: Another New Belt!

Yep, Nyan’s still doing taekwondo. Yep, he still complains about it when it’s time to go to class — and then has a blast. And yep, he’s still extremely (and rightfully) proud of himself when he passes up to the next level. 

Here he is getting his blue belt in September 2019.

So yeah, we’ll keep at it.

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