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Today’s Photos: Easter Bonnet!


On Wednesday evening, Daddy was picking up Nyan from school when one of his carers mentioned there was to be an Easter bonnet parade on Thursday. “Have him bring a hat if you can. It’s too late for an Easter bonnet, I suppose, but that’s okay, just a hat will be fine.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Day at the Museum

Nyan Thomas, Mommy and Daddy visited London’s Horniman Musem today – a natural history museum of sorts with a mishmosh of items, including this gigantic taxidermied walrus:


The place is filled with hundreds of such stuffed animals, many of which Nyan has been looking at in his books for months now – so for him, it was like they all came to life. Er, came to being stuffed. You know what I mean. There were owls, foxes, seals, dozens of birds, monkeys, a gorilla… He impressed us at one point by pointing across the room to a case and shouting “Emu!” It was an ostrich, but it looks a lot like an emu, so he definitely gets points for that.

Horniman House also has a small aquarium. It’s really just the right size for a young’un – maybe a dozen tanks of fish, plus a jellyfish display. Enough to keep him interested, but not so overwhelming that it takes hours to get through. Nyan was pretty intrigued, as you can see: Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Videos: Umbrellas and a Whistle

Fun times after school the other day. First, Nyan Thomas has discovered a new toy: Mommy’s umbrellas! He’ll see them perched by the front door and demand that Daddy take them out and open them up. He then proceeds to try to carry them, or dance on top of them, for a couple of minutes before he gets bored and moves on to something else.

This next video is from later that same day. He’d just had a nice filling dinner and demanded that Daddy give him this plastic implement he saw on the countertop. It’s a syringe-like thingie that helps you get liquid vitamins, medicines etc. into a squirmy toddler’s mouth – a clear hollow tube with a small hole at one end and a bigger one at the other, and a smaller purple tube that goes into the hollow tube and acts as the plunger. Nyan started playing with the hollow clear tube and discovered that it easily turns into a whistle! Here he is showing off his new musical chops.

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The Many (Silly) Faces of Nyan Thomas

This evening, in that window between bathtime and bedtime – indeed, between bathtime and getting dressed after bathtime – our hero was in a hyper, silly, jolly mood. Perhaps he’s excited for the four-day weekend? Or maybe he’s just being Nyan Thomas. Whatever the reason, he was being silly. And Daddy was right there with his camera to capture some of the silliness. Without further ado, we give you a slideshow of… Nyan Thomas being silly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Sunday morning yoga and guitar playin’ (videos)

Sundays are all about fun, and this past Sunday was no exception. We had a great time in the swimming pool – the kid is really getting into it; he would sit on the edge of the pool and fall into Daddy’s arms in the water with no hesitation – but before that, we had some fun around the house. And we’ve got the videos to prove it.

This one shows Nyan checking out Mommy’s flashcards that show different yoga poses. And then – clever lad that he is – he shows off his own yoga pose! Pretty sure this is called the downward dog:


At the end, you can see one of his tricks: he knows there’s a dummy (pacifier) on the chest of drawers, and he wants it. We have been refusing him the dummy of late, because he doesn’t need it; just a habit that we need to break. But he wants it, but of course isn’t tall enough to get it. So what does he do? He goes to Mommy and asks for a cuddle, knowing that she’ll pick him up. And, sure, he loves cuddles – but in this case, it’s just a ruse to get closer to the dummy! The boy is no dummy, that’s for sure. (It didn’t work, by the way; we didn’t give it to him.)

A bit later in the morning, here’s Mommy strumming and singing to the lad, who then decides to add his own guitar stylings:


All in a day’s play for young Nyan Thomas (who, it should be noted, turned 20 months old yesterday!)


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Swimming Update (with photos)

No photos of the actual swimming lessons, sorry – no cameras allowed. But here’s our hero, playing with an umbrella, inside the house:


So then. Last Sunday, Nyan got his second swimming lesson. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Videos: This and That

Just a collection of recent videos. First up, the boy playing with his mobile phone, which sometimes says ‘Uh oh’ which makes Nyan say…. well, just watch it:


Hanging out in the hallway, reading and running around, pressing his face into the wallpaper. What?


This is how we handle the paparazzi in this family:


And, playtime, including reading and learning the concept of ‘open’ and ‘closed’:

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Nyan Had a Bad Week

The poor little guy. It started last Saturday; Mommy took him to Colchester and he was just not his usual happy jolly self. A little grumpy, a little less energetic than usual. We chalked it up to just one of those days.

But then, Sunday morning, he woke up as usual; Daddy fed him some breakfast and all seemed well. But not long after that, as he walked around Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom…. up came his breakfast, and then some. Seriously massive puking, all over the place. Poor Nyan. We got him cleaned up a bit… and he puked again. This happened a couple more times over the next couple of hours; eventually there was no more food left, and he was puking up just brown bile. He was freaked out too – likely by the acids burning his throat on their way up, and just by this new experience, since he’d never really puked before, other than burping up some milk here and there – and he felt slightly feverish and quite limp as well. We gave him a little bit of water with some sugar in it, just to rehydrate him; but that came right back up as well.

That was it; we strapped him into his car seat and headed for the emergency room. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Video: Child Labor

From a few weeks back, a slice of life at home: first Nyan helps Mommy unload the dishwasher; then he helps Daddy carry the groceries into the kitchen. Such a helpful little guy.

And just to prove that it’s not all toil and trouble ’round these parts, here we are after the chores are done, with Mommy singing and reading to the boy – fair pay for a hard day’s work, I’d say.

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Today’s Photos: Shades

It’s been a bit of a rocky past few days here at Nyan Thomas World HQ. More on all that in a later post. For now, just a fun little slideshow featuring our hero being a silly little guy this past Sunday afternoon. Two quick points:

– It’s amazing how happy and jolly he’s being, given what the poor dude had gone through earlier in the day. (Again, more on that later. Foreshadowing!)

– Doesn’t he look like a bad-ass dude with those shades on? Almost like Schwarzenegger in the Terminator. It’s a perfect tough-guy look – until you notice the cartoon tractor on his onesie PJs.

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