Swimming Update (with photos)

23 Mar

No photos of the actual swimming lessons, sorry – no cameras allowed. But here’s our hero, playing with an umbrella, inside the house:


So then. Last Sunday, Nyan got his second swimming lesson. And it went quite, yes, swimmingly. He was a bit squeamish at first – wasn’t crazy about getting into the water – but Daddy took it slowly and he got acclimated before too long. And during the lessons, the kid was like a fish. Or a seal. He really seemed to enjoy it when Daddy would carry him through the water; he sat on the edge of the pool, following the instructor’s directions, just fine; and when he had to sort of leap into Daddy arms from his sitting position, he didn’t mind one bit.

Here’s another photo, of Nyan after a meal:


The best part about last week’s lesson had to be when the instructor was going around and submerging babies. She would basically hold the baby a few feet away from his/her parent, then dip him/her all the way into the water and swoosh the baby toward the parent, so that as soon as the baby came up for air, s/he saw the parent. The instructor asked if I wanted Nyan to do that; I did. I glanced over at Mommy, sitting on the shore, to see what she thought. A very enthusiastic thumbs up. So off we went….1… 2….3… underwater!

The expression on his face when he came out of the water was priceless. Wide-eyed, mouth agape, totally surprised and shocked. But, happily, not in any way upset. Just surprised. Daddy gave him a big hug and a cheer.

So yeah, the swimming is going quite well. Next lesson is tomorrow.

We leave you with this photo of Nyan at lunch today. We think he was practicing his bored-teenager look. Oh dear.


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