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A Lot More Fun in May ’21

Some other stuff Nyan got up to in May 2021 — a month when we returned to a sort of soft Covid lockdown, so we had school from home. He clearly spent a lot of time hanging out with Slothie, and Daddy clearly mostly took pictures of Nyan sleeping!

Before the lockdown, happily bopping his way home after school:

More pictures:

Some of his drawings from the month:

Nyan hard at work in his couch pillow fort:

And a last set of photos from the month.

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Junior Black Belt!

Nyan has been working hard at taekwondo for several years now, and in May he finally was awarded a poom belt – a.k.a. junior black belt! It’s quite an accomplishment.

Here he is ahead of the belt ceremony — including some of the older kids helping him make sure his old belt was properly in place.

Parents weren’t allowed at the ceremony itself due to pandemic restrictions, but here’s a great video of Nyan getting the next level – including splitting a piece of wood with a kick! 

He was rightfully proud of himself, and of having broken the wood. 

Well done, Nyan!

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A Playdate with Edris

We had Edris over one day in May for what would end up being one of the last playdates with him, as he and his family are moving to Zurich in the summer. Sad, but we made the most of the time we had!

Like…Lego time:

And goofing in the elevator on the way down to the pool:

Edris is a great little guy, and we’ll miss him for sure!

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