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The Month that Was: October 2019

What else did Nyan get up to in October 2019? Let’s take a look.

Video game programming!

Check out those dance moves:

Nyan joined the eco-club at school, and they did a presentation on how their fellow students could be more eco-conscious:

Working on his strokes: 

A friend had a book after taekwondo, and Nyan insisted on a quick reading session:

Grandma sent Nyan some Pokemon cards. Was he excited? He was.



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Another Trip to the Swim Club with Kyle

One October evening, we headed to the Singapore Swimming Club with Kyle and his family. We’ve been there several times before, of course, and it’s always great fun. It’s rare that we actually swim there, but there’s a playground, bowling, pool, restaurants, fish-feeding, video games… lots of fun!

Goofing around with a toy:

Feeding the fish:

Being silly:

And just enjoying life! (and some screen time)

Finally, the club and the pool by night…


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Most of the schools across Singapore were closed for a week or two in October 2019 — fall break — so there were plenty of day camps available to keep the kids occupied. We sent Nyan to one that was all about parkour — the urban sport where you basically run around and use city objects as part of a self-made obstacle course. He had a blast, and at the end of the week, parents were invited in to see a demonstration.

Not bad, eh? Here he is getting a certificate showing that he completed this particular level of parkour skills.

After that, they let the kids bounce and run around for a while. 

Not a bad way to spend a week!

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