Today’s photos: Nyan’s big weekend

20 Nov

It was a big weekend for young Nyan Thomas, with lots of visitors, activities and fun. (Yes, it messed up his sleeping schedule a wee bit, which led to him being wide awake at 4am this morning… his parents were not crazy about that, but it was still a fun weekend…)

First off, he got to meet Aunt Jill, Uncle Phil and the Dunn cousins, all visiting from Chicago for the weekend. Here he is having dim sum with Jill:

And on Saturday afternoon, Grandma L. arrived! She’s here til Thursday and has been having loads of fun with her grandson.

We all went to the 9/11 memorial too. Nyan spent the whole time strapped in to the baby backpack thingie hanging from my chest and napping.

And that, of course, meant another subway ride for the young man:

And there was plenty of hanging out time at home, too, with piggyback rides…

and admiring the baby in the mirror…

and trying out the sound-blocking headphones we got him for his upcoming plane ride. Quite possibly the best picture of young Nyan yet:

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