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Uncle Jeff, Taekwondo and More

We got a visit from Uncle Jeff for a few days in January. Always good to see him.

(That one photo is Nyan measuring his height against Jeff, so we can compare the next time we see Jeff.)

Nyan continues his taekwondo, including sparring:

He had another grading session in late January, which — if he passed — would mean another level up.


Did he make it? Tune in next time!

Finally, here’s a brief selection of some of the art and drawing that our boy got up to in January.

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Soccer and Taekwondo

Nyan’s still taking part in soccer practice, pretty much every Saturday late afternoon. It’s always a sunny, humid, sweaty mess, and it’s always a fun time.

Here he is at practice in early December:

Soccer practice isn’t just about kicking the ball. There’s also sprint races:

And drills to try to score past the goalie. He didn’t quite make it here, but he tried!

Then there’s taekwondo, every Thursday for two hours. There’s stretching and fun-and-games:

But the real fun is in sparring:

He’s getting better by the week!

We close with a few stills from sparring practice:

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Taekwondo: Green Belt!

Our boy keeps insisting he doesn’t want to do taekwondo any more. But it’s a half-hearted plea, and we think motivated much more by feeling a little too lazy to go to class, than by any real objection. And sure enough, once he gets to class, he always has a blast.


In early November, he qualified for the next round of grading, which if he passed would get him a green belt.

And — as you already know from the title of this post — he passed! So a couple weeks later, we got the new-belt ceremony in class.

Now that he’s a green belt, he gets to do sparring, which is a separate one-hour class held just before his regular one-hour taekwondo class. Sparring involves kicking and hitting a fellow student — properly padded, of course — and other fun activities.

So yeah, we expect Nyan will continue to whine about taekwondo, and we’ll continue to take him, and he’ll continue to have a great time. Circle of life.

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Return to the Skatepark

We’ve been to the skatepark a few times, as you’ve seen. Is Nyan learning how to skate? You be the judge:

At least he’s being a good sport with Jonnie, his surrogate younger brother:

Oh well. He has fun, and he gets to hang with Jayden, and sometimes even get a hot chocolate from the Starbucks across the street.

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Outdoor Fun

July – a.k.a. the peak of summer – is the perfect time to play outside. (Okay, we live in Singapore, so every month is the right time to play outside. But still.)

Check out Nyan’s ever-improving swimming (and jumping) skills:

And his being-thrown skills:

Fun on the soccer field:

July 2018 was, of course, World Cup time, so Nyan and some of the other kids from around the condo complex started playing “World Cup” each evening. Basically three-on-three soccer. It was a little chaotic.

Here are the kids, waiting for the others to show up.

I know we said this post was about outdoor fun, but let’s look at a little taekwondo while we’re here.

Stretching at the start of class:

And taking part in one of the occasional ball-throwing games:


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A Quick Soccer Update

It feels like it’s been a little while since we’ve checked in on Nyan’s progress on the soccer pitch. So how’s he doing? Eh, he’s fine. Slow and steady progress. And he’s still having fun, which remains the most important part, by far.

Here’s our hero at a recent practice, lined up with his teammates.


Running a drill, scoring a goal:

Same drill, same result:

And finally, an actual game. He alternates between being engaged and playing some decent defense, and completely spacing out.

But again: he’s having fun! 

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Yellow Belt!

Back in April, Nyan went for his latest taekwondo grading exercise — proving to a panel of judges that he has the skill to move up to the next level, and get a new color of belt. 

Some photos from before and after the grading (parents aren’t allowed in to see the actual grading itself):

And some video as he and others warmed up and practiced, waiting to go in and get graded: 

So did he pass? Reader, he passed. Check him out as his instructor, Master Lee, awards the new yellow belt:

He was rightfully very proud of himself:

Bonus: Our boy is rising through the taekwondo ranks, but he still manages to have fun in class. Here he is one day, playing some sort of dodge ball with his classmates and Master Lee.

Next up: green-tip belt. Grading is in August. Fingers crossed!

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