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In the Pool and on the Pitch

A quick look at some outdoor fun in the month of August 2019.

Nyan still loves to be thrown in the pool:

Check out that somersault at the end of this toss!

And how about some indoor soccer on a rainy Saturday.

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Another Trip to the Sports Store

Our neighborhood Decathlon, the sporting goods chain store, lets you try out pretty much all the equipment right there in the store. So whenever we stop by to pick up whatever, we always spend lots of time playing around, as we did in June. Check it out:

Messing around in the kayak:

Working on his dribbling:

Working on his free throws:


And finally, a little rock climbing!


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Taekwondo: an Update

Here’s a quick look at Nyan in his taekwondo and sparring classes in March and April 2019.

Lots of running:

And sparring too:

He complains a lot about going to class, but once he’s there, he always, always has the time of his life. So we keep at it.

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The Soccer Tournament

Nyan’s weekly soccer club had a tournament of sorts back in March: three or four teams played each other, then had a sort of playoff to determine the winner. Nyan’s team didn’t win, but it was all in good fun, and they did have fun!

There was lots of strategizing…

and action.

Afterwards, there were medals and trophies and whatnot.

Finally, some poses. Including with Jayden, who came by to watch (and to come over afterwards for a sleepover!)

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Taekwondo, Continued

A quick look at Nyan’s taekwondo actions in February.

First and foremost, most importantly: a new belt! Blue-tip.

He continues to enjoy the sparring part of taekwondo lessons. It’s more than just hitting each other though. There’s a lot of running and push-ups too.

And finally, various poses in his uniform:

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A Visit to Decathlon

Decathlon is a sporting-goods chain store. Wide range of stuff, decent quality overall, good prices. This year they opened up a new “lab” store where you can basically try out everything. We decided to make a little trip out of it.

The personal trampoline was a good workout:

The bouncy ball was a lot of fun:

He worked on his sit-ups: 

And on his hula-hooping:

He also spent a good deal of time working on his skateboarding skills. He has a ways to go, but he’s out there trying!

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Uncle Jeff, Taekwondo and More

We got a visit from Uncle Jeff for a few days in January. Always good to see him.

(That one photo is Nyan measuring his height against Jeff, so we can compare the next time we see Jeff.)

Nyan continues his taekwondo, including sparring:

He had another grading session in late January, which — if he passed — would mean another level up.


Did he make it? Tune in next time!

Finally, here’s a brief selection of some of the art and drawing that our boy got up to in January.

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