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Today’s video: laughing

Nyan Thomas having some fun, and laughing with his Pho Pho (aka his grandfather)

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Today’s photos: selections from Colchester

Here are a few photos from recent days here in Colchester. Today, young Nyan Thomas came face to face with wolves, tigers, a couple of Burmese pythons, and some iguanas. Yes, we went to the Colchester Zoo! Photos on that trip coming soon (sneak preview: mom and dad were more impressed than their son, five months being a bit young for a child to really enjoy a zoo, but hey…). Here are a few from recent days, with more coming soon:

Check out this sequence of the boy doing his newest trick: rolling over! Actually this series misses the part where he goes from his usual on-his-back post and rolls onto his belly and lifts his head high and proud; this gets the tail end of that sequence, in which he flops back onto his back. It’s quite a sight to see, regardless.

And here’s the young man after a bath:

And just loving life:

Finally, we’ve posted some more photos on Facebook; just click here.


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Today’s video: Christmas night

Nyan Thomas gets into the spirit of the season with his new friend Laura on Christmas night, Colchester, Essex, UK:

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Happy Boxing Day!

Hello from a sunny and mild Essex County, England, where Mommy, Daddy and young Nyan Thomas are enjoying a relaxed Boxing Day with mommy’s side of the family. Daddy arrived on Christmas morning after a sleepless redeye flight from New York, and we’ll be here through New Years for family, relaxation, and Sharon and Chris’s wedding!

We’ll be updating this blog more frequently than we have been of late; at least that’s the plan. Without further ado, a trio of photos from NyanThomas’ first Christmas…


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Our Boy is 21! (Weeks)

Just realized our boy is 21 weeks old today. Wow.

In honor of reaching that milestone, a couple of snapshots from recent Skype convos…


And today:

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Alive and kicking


Young Nyan Thomas has been winning the hearts and minds of the United Kingdom for the past two weeks. He and his mommy have been getting deservedly spoiled with family love, home-cooked meals, and lots of sleep. Daddy’s been missing them, of course, but he’ll be over there soon enough. For now, he’s limited to occasional Skype calls. On Skype, you can take (fairly low-resolution) screen shots of the person you’re speaking to – such as this one, from earlier today:

That’s our boy, lounging on a blanket on the floor, watching the BBC news reports about Kim Jong Il’s death… and though you can’t see it in this still frame, kicking up a storm, as he always does. (Hence the title of this post.)

More regular Nyan-blogging will resume shortly, folks. Thanks for the patience.


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They Grow Up So Fast

L-R: 8/30, 10/2, 11/11, 12/3 (click to enlarge)

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And they’re off!

Nyan Thomas and Mommy headed to the UK on Saturday evening – his first flight, his first international travel, his first time to see the entire K. family… a big trip! We were of course a bit worried about how he would take to the flight itself – but we needn’t have been. Our boy is nothing if not good, and a good traveler too: Mommy reports that he was a perfect gentleman the entire flight, even during the two-and-a-half hour departure delay! He spent the entire time either sleeping or – natch – flirting with the flight attendants. That’s our boy!

They landed Sunday morning in London and are now safely home sweet home in Colchester, where Beatrice will rest and relax, while Nyan Thomas rests, relaxes, and is spoiled beyond his wildest dreams by the K. grandparents, multiple aunts and uncles, many cousins and friends and well-wishers… And he’ll Skype with Daddy once or twice a day. Yeah, Daddy couldn’t make it – work, you know – but I’ll be flying over there in three weeks’ time for a family reunion.

Not to worry, though, dear reader, we’ll still be updating this blog as regularly as we can! So be sure to check back.

Here are a few pictures from the trip to JFK airport:

Nyan fell asleep during the car ride over, and stayed that way through check-in:

He stayed zonked out while Mommy and Daddy waited outside of security. (Daddy couldn’t get a pass to get through security, so we waited as long as we could before Nyan and Mommy headed through the metal detectors.) Here are Mommy and Daddy with their boy.

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