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Nyan Returns to Hong Kong

Long-time readers will know that Nyan visited Hong Kong way back in the spring of 2015 (you can reminisce here). Mommy and Daddy have each been back a couple times each for work, but Nyan hadn’t. So when Mommy had to visit HK in late November, she took Nyan and Phwa Phwa along for a long weekend (while Daddy stayed behind in Singapore and worked). It was a successful trip by all accounts. Let’s take a look!

They did a fair amount of walking around and sightseeing, visiting museums, and the like. Check it out:

They also found a shopping mall, near to their hotel, that had a huge Lego Christmas display set up. Plus a bakery with a Stormtrooper cake. Think our boy was happy?

They rode the subway, they rode the ferry across the harbor:

Hong Kong is also known for a tram that goes up and down the steep Victoria Peak, the mountain behind the city. They rode that, too.

They rode it up:

They rode it down:

And in between, they checked out the spectacular views on a beautiful day:

Here’s a quick look at our hero, relaxing in the hotel room:

They also spent an afternoon at the botanic gardens, checking out the birds and the bamboo (among other things)

And finally, we leave you with a few random shots from around Hong Kong. It’s a really vibrant – not as clean as Singapore, but just as safe, and arguably more exciting – and I’m quite sure we’ll be back.

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All About November: Bike Riding and More

What else did our boy get up to in November? He spent some time learning to ride his bike without training wheels (still a work in progress, but we’re getting there!):

Some random photos:

He spent lots of time in November with Phwa Phwa, who is staying with us for a little while as she escapes the cold dark British winter (click to enlarge):

Here’s Nyan having fun with Lego robots:

More random photos:

He also hung out with Jayden, of course. Here they are singing one of the songs they learned at school this fall, “Under One Sky,” and then just rolling around, because they can.

Finally: one evening, we were at a shopping mall and Mommy had to pick something up in a store. We waited outside. How did Nyan pass the time? Like so:

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Fun Days at the New School

As we’ve reported, Nyan has taken quite well to his new school. Let’s take a quick look at some recent activities.

Here is an assignment he did for class: the children were to come up with a scenario that presented a problem, and then use this certain system (the “T.A.G. system”) to solve the problem. Nyan’s illustrations are pretty awesome.

Another day, they took a quick field trip to the nearby post office. As part of the trip, the kids wrote letters to their parents and addressed an envelope, then mailed them off. The next day, this lovely letter was in our mailbox:

One of Nyan’s extracurricular courses this fall was called “Race car engineering.” Kind of like the old-fashioned soap box derby, it involved the kids building plastic race cars that they would then race around a track. Here are some pictures of Nyan and Jayden working on their cars (these are photos of photos that were on display at school, hence the weird quality), plus a video of Nyan in deep concentration.

Let’s see a couple of random pictures: heading home after school on a rainy day, all dressed in his uniform and reading a bit before school.

And last but not least: a goofy video of a goofy boy, full of high spirits when he arrives home after a fun school day.


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My Little Pony with Friends

So there’s a movie based on the My Little Pony tv show or line of toys (or both?), and Nyan expressed some interest in going. Mommy decided it’d be fun to take along a few of his friends. The guest list blossomed until the event saw Mommy and Phwa Phwa chaperoning Nyan, Adriana, Kyra, Chrysa, Valentina and Isla to the movie theater, then to a café for lunch, then back to our place for some playtime. It was a pretty intense day, but a lot of fun too.

We weren’t able to get any pictures of the movie theater itself, but imagine a whole bunch of excitable kids and you’ll get a good sense.

Here they are post-movie, having some grub at Nyan’s fave, Batter Flappy Flaps.

And back to our place for more noise-making and general frivolity:

Eventually we all went down to the playground for more fun until it was time to go home. (The only pics we have are of Nyan and Adriana, as it happens – but all the girls were there and having fun too!)

All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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Taekwondo: Level Up!


Much like his parents, Nyan has never shown much athletic ability, nor much interest. And that’s fine! We’re perfectly okay with that, although we’ll keep him in soccer a while longer for the exercise and teamwork aspects, and will continue to encourage him to get exercise, to swim, to run. Healthy habits start early. We’re also keeping him in taekwondo, and he’s really starting to show some results.

In early November, there was another grading exercise – that’s where hundreds of taekwondo students from across the island converge on a studio in central Singapore to show off their moves and, if they do them right, advance to the next level. So early one Sunday morning, off we went. In the car:

Here’s our martial artist, practicing his moves before going into the actual grading room.

So did he pass? He did. Here’s his instructor, Mr Lee, giving Nyan his next belt – yellow-tip. Look how proud Nyan is and how he’s trying to hard to be serious and not smile!

And finally, showing off his moves.

Next up: a full yellow belt.

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School Assembly, With Songs

Every so often, Nyan’s school has a school-wide assembly to talk about this and that, and the classes each take turns leading the presentation. In mid-November it was Nyan’s class’s turn, and parents were invited!

First everyone sang the school song.

The theme that Nyan’s class chose to talk and sing about was about healthy life choices. So we were treated to a couple of excellent songs, including this one about healthy food versus junk food:

They also stressed the importance of leading a balanced life:

There were also little skits. Nyan took part in this one, the theme being, uh, not sure. Playing nicely with your friends, maybe?

That was about it – no big deal, but good messages, and good catchy tunes too.

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Christmastime in the Tropics

We don’t get a white Christmas in Singapore – surely it has never, ever snowed here; cannot imagine a scenario in which that would be remotely possible – but given that (a) Singapore was a British colony for many years and (b) Singapore is all about consumerism, Christmas is a fairly big deal here. It certainly is around our house, thanks to a certain six-year-old boy.


One of the highlights of each November for Nyan is helping to decorate our fake Christmas tree. We’ve had it for three or four years now; each year, Daddy thinks briefly about replacing it, but then he thinks, ‘Why bother? It’s still in fine enough shape, and it does the job.’ This year, Nyan did almost all of the ornament-hanging himself.

As mentioned, Singapore gets really into Christmas. Here are some shots of how the commercial buildings do it.

Expect more photos and videos regarding Christmas coming very soon!

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Preschool Graduation!

Nyan, of course, has been attending his primary school for a few months now. His old preschool, Modern Montessori International, is on a different annual schedule, so the kids who are going on to local schools (rather than the “international” school that Nyan goes to) have still been going to MMI, ahead of their new school year that starts in January (rather than the August school year start for Nyan’s school). Got all that?

The upshot is that in November, MMI threw its annual graduation ceremony for all the kids who are leaving. Nyan and several other kids who left in August came back and joined their classmates for the festivities.

Here’s the procession into the auditorium.

All the graduates, standing on the stage. So serious!


And the main event (for us anyway): Nyan bravely marching across the stage to get his diploma from Uncle Jimmy.

Before the ceremony, there was lots of hugging as all the kids got together. But there were also some nerves, methinks.

We’ve surely said this before, but MMI was such a great experience – great teachers and fantastic kids whom we really hope Nyan can stay in touch with.

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