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Nyan Thomas Does Bali

Nyan Thomas Does Bali

Back over the Christmas holidays, we took a family trip to Bali for five days or so. This Indonesian island is, in a lot of ways, the quintessential tropical island vacation spots, with beaches, hotels, nightlife, watersports, mountains and other beautiful scenery. And it’s only a two hour flight from Singapore! We were, to be honest, a little put off by the rampant over-development and traffic in some parts of the island – typical, of course, of any popular tourist destination, sadly – but other parts of the island were just stunningly beautiful.

Plus we had a nice hotel on the beach, with lush grounds and a great pool. Let’s check out a bit of what Nyan (and Mommy and Daddy) got up to. With lots of photos and videos!

Nyan played his first ever game of  ping pong. Let’s just say that he needs a bit of practice.

We spent a lot of time away from the resort too. Ain’t Bali beautiful? (click on any photo to enlarge)

Mommy’s Aunt Jessica used to live on Bali. She lives in Japan now with her family, but they still own property in Bali, and happened to be on the island at the same time as us. So we got to hang out with them, including Nyan’s cousin Grace. They got along great.

They had fun drawing and coloring together:

More photos from around the island (and one from Changi Airport in Singapore on our way out):

Maybe the highlight of the trip was all the time Nyan got to spend in the resort swimming pool. And Daddy had borrowed a waterproof GoPro camera for the trip, so there’s plenty of video footage.

Goofing in the pool with Mommy and Daddy:

Doing something he called the ‘alligator slap’ and ‘whale swim’:

More splashing, plus making friends with a random woman:

Whale song:

Bali is known for its art and design, though we didn’t take too many pictures. Here are a few:

Music and dancing are also important parts of Balinese culture. Our resort put on a dance show one night. Nyan was suitably impressed:

Here are some shots from around the resort. Plenty of koi ponds, which gave Nyan plenty of chances to feed the fish:

Another night, they had a cocktail reception for guests, with live music. Nyan enjoyed it:

And finally, we leave you with this bit of brilliant nonsense. I think he wanted to send a video message to Grandma. Instead, we got this.



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All the Right Moves

They say the ladies love a guy who can dance, right? If that’s true, then look out, ladies, ’cause Nyan Thomas is on the dance floor!

Er, yeah. Maybe not so much. That’s Nyan at a friend’s birthday party the other day. The look that his friend Valentina gives him pretty much says it all. Oh well.

While we’re at it, here are a couple of photos from the same party.

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