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Good Times in April

Some photos! Video too. All about April 2019.

Some artwork:

Finally, he donned a couple of VR helmets at a scuba diving trade show. These videos surely aren’t as exciting as what he was seeing; oh well.


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Taekwondo: an Update

Here’s a quick look at Nyan in his taekwondo and sparring classes in March and April 2019.

Lots of running:

And sparring too:

He complains a lot about going to class, but once he’s there, he always, always has the time of his life. So we keep at it.

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A Long Weekend in Malaysia

In April, we nipped over to the Malaysian city of Kota Kinabalu, on Borneo, for a long weekend at a modest resort. We had no plans other than relax and rest, and that’s pretty much what we did.

The resort was right on the water, with a coastal boardwalk, swimming pools, landscaping, and views of Mount Kinabalu — one of the tallest mountains in Borneo and Malaysia — looming off in the distance.

Here’s our silly little family, doing silly things.

As we said, we didn’t do a whole lot on this trip, although one night we did go downtown to check out the night market. Chock full of fruits, vegetables, meats (raw and cooked) and other goodies for sale. Where they had active grills, it was quite smokey, which made for some nice atmospheric effects.

KK is well known for having great sunsets, and it certainly lived up to the hype. We even saw the mythical green flash! Turns it it’s not mythical after all; it exists! (Didn’t catch it on film, however.)

Finally, some shots of our hero as we traveled.

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