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A Song Called Cheese

A couple weeks back, Daddy got a rare few minutes to sit down and play some random notes on the piano. Nyan actually allowed it! (Usually he’ll either join in or demand that Daddy stop playing and go play cars with him.) This time, though, Daddy played on as Nyan grabbed Daddy’s camera and tried to take photos with it. The rest… well, just watch this video.


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Nyan Thomas, Airplane Pilot

A video in which our boy flies an airplane (using one of Daddy’s camera tripods as, I guess, the microphone the pilot uses when he comes on the intercom), and drives an ambulance (complete with flashing lights), flies a helicopter, and makes sure Mommy and Daddy are wearing their helmets. Kid definitely has a good imagination.

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I am robot. I am a box.

Some silly videos from the past couple of weeks. First up: our boy, being a robot – one of those new-fangled robots that have empty paper towel rolls as arms.


And when he’s not being a robot, he’s being… a box.


Finally, for good measure, here’ss a quickie of the lad babbling as he reads a book during dinner time. You can just hear Grandma L. on Skype in the background.

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Home Again

As you saw in the last post, Nyan Thomas had an unexpected trip to Colchester over the weekend while Mommy and Daddy got over their flu-like symptoms. He came home this evening, exhausted and very happy and – so far – still showing no signs of any illness himself, though we will monitor him closely.

In any case, he was one jolly little fella this evening, as you can see here. (Mommy and Daddy were doing something down the hall, in the kitchen, when we heard his voice…we snuck down the hall, camera in hand, hoping to catch him doing whatever; but we live in a 130-year-old house and the floorboard squeaked, dammit, so he knew we were there…)


I love how he gets up from his comfy seat when Daddy can’t get the lighting just right… Actually there’s a lot to love in this video.

(No video exists of the massive tantrum he threw when it was time for a bath; when the little dude gets tired, he gets *really* tired and nothing will console him. Not pretty. But after a few minutes of screaming, bawling, crying, and slapping at Daddy, he’s over it and he’s giving cuddles and kisses again. But no video of that either.)

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Nyan Thomas, M.D.

It’s been an unpleasant few days here at Nyan Thomas World HQ. Starting Thursday, Mommy was bed-ridden with what we’ll call flu-like symptoms (achey, fever, no energy, etc). And starting Friday evening, Daddy was the same. So far – touch lots of wood – our hero is still healthy, though we’re monitoring him closely and in fact today sent him to Colchester with Uncle Iain, partly to keep him from our viruses, partly to allow Mommy and Daddy to rest. And also so he could actually have some fun with various aunties, uncles and cousins, rather than mope around the house with a couple of sick old people.

So far so good, in any case: we seem to be on the mend.

But this morning, and yesterday, Nyan was nothing but gorgeous. He was cuddly, he wasn’t *too* demanding on our time, and best of all, he was our personal physician: he found this baby thermometer with a frog’s head at one end and decided that was his ‘doctor stick.’ So he’d walk up to one of us (likely as we were prone on the couch or bed, half awake) and ask where it hurts. We’d point to an elbow, or leg, or head, and he’d rub that spot with his doctor stick. “All better!” and sure enough, we were all better! “Why thank you, Dr. Nyan L.,” we would exclaim.

This morning (Sunday) we all felt a wee bit better, so we hung out in the front room for a bit. Here’s Nyan being silly and fun (not sure what’s up with that hair though…)

And here he is having a massive phone conversation with Phwa Phwa, Grandma and Grandpa all at once!

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Nyan Thomas Cooking Ice Cream

This is how we spent our New Year’s Day morning: cooking ice cream using the humidifier, and learning about steam. Except our boy already knew about steam: when I explained what it was, he instantly made the connection between steam and trains. How did he learn that?? How does he learn a lot of what he knows, for that matter? We think he may sneak onto our computers and read random articles on Wikipedia when we’re not looking. Would explain a lot.

Anyway, here’s Nyan being Nyan. And cooking ice cream.

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Nyan Thomas in Iowa

No real rhyme or reason here, just a handful of shots from Nyan’s visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Iowa last month. Being silly, being happy, playing, wearing hats or other random things on his head, reading the newspaper… this is our boy.

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Doin’ the Dishes

Our boy always wants to do whatever anyone else is doing. It’s a wonderful trait to have, we think, and results in all sorts of adorable moments. Like the time last month when Grandma and Grandpa were doing the dishes. Nyan Thomas insisted on slapping on a pair of purple gloves and joining in.

On our return to London, he want to Phwa Phwa’s house and almost immediately insisted on helping her with the dishes too:

He also likes to help vacuum, hang laundry out to dry, cook, make the bed, pretty much any chore aside from putting away his own toys (although we’re working on that and he’s getting better!). We wonder at what age he’ll start to think that chores actually aren’t that much fun. ‘Til then, we’ll have him help as much as we can!

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Nyan Thomas, Arctic Explorer

It’s an almost-pleasant 52 rainy degrees (Fahrenheit) in London this January evening – just a wee bit nicer than the -17 degrees (Fahrenheit) or so that our friends and family back in the Midwest are suffering through right now. So it seems fitting, somehow, to post these pictures: It’s Nyan Thomas, decked out for whatever Mother Nature can throw at him, in a snazzy snowsuit and boots courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa.

These were taken in mid-December, when we were back in Iowa, and when the temperature was around 10 degrees F – bloody stinking cold, although nearly tropical compared to what it’s like there now. And yes, there was snow on the ground – but no, our boy had no interest in going out to play in it. “No want snow. Is cold.” Smart kid, actually, although making a snowman would have been fun. Someday perhaps.

But we did head outside, for a bit, in the bitter cold. Nyan was totally fine with it, decked out in his finest thermal ware. And of course he wanted to ride on Daddy’s shoulders, and of course Daddy was happy to oblige.


(No, he’s not looking especially happy in this shot. But trust us – the kid had a blast.)


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Christmas Cookies

While we were in Iowa last month, Nyan did a great job helping Grandma bake cookies, and helping Grandpa decorate them.

He has good concentration, when he wants to.

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And of course Nyan got to sample his work!

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