The Wake of the Storm

03 Sep

As you may have read in an earlier post, brothers Dominic and Sean came to stay for a week. But they got to, or rather had to, spend a couple extra days in New York. They’d been scheduled to fly back to London on Saturday evening, but late Friday night we learned that, due to Hurricane Irene’s approach, the flight – indeed, pretty much all flights – had been canceled.

The storm was mostly a dud in New York City, though it caused plenty of havoc and damage in New Jersey, Long Island and upstate. It also threw the air travel system into chaos, and when we finally managed to talk to Virgin Atlantic later on Sunday, the best they could do was rebook the two on a flight on Friday, six days later. Not good – they have jobs, families, lives back in England –  but what could you do?

Not much. We checked various travel sites and airlines, and found… nothing. Everything was booked solid through Friday if not longer. We did manage to find a flight on Air Morocco that would take them to Casablanca for a six hour layover before continuing on to London. And Aeroflot said they would take them home – via a lengthy layover in Moscow.

In the end, on Monday we found, through Orbitz, a flight on Kuwait Airways leaving Tuesday night, direct to London. After we booked it, we learned that the seats were actually in first class. It all sounded too good to be true, but in the end, it was just right; nothing short of first-class, really. Take the food, for instance: the first course was caviar, and it only got better from there. So all was well that ended well.

In the interim, they were pretty bored, and missing home, and just feeling a bit listless, I think. Can’t blame them. We felt terrible, but there wasn’t much we could do. They did manage to hang out with their nephew and stroll around the neighborhood a bit, and we got some choice pictures.

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