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Nyan Bakes a Cake

A new place opened up recently in the shopping mall underneath Mommy’s office. It’s called Funsiamo, and basically it’s a place where you come to bake. They give you recipes and ingredients, and you mix it up and toss it in the oven. Mommy thought it’d be a fun Mommy/Nyan experience, and guess what? She was right.

Here’s the budding young baker, hard at work. (He was very focused the whole time, making sure he got everything just right.)

The cake’s in the oven, and then it’s out of the oven.

Gotta put frosting on the cake:

And we’re done! We got to take it home and eat it. It was delicious!

He’s already looking forward to taking Grandma there for more baking when she comes to visit in November.

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Sunday at Peninsula Plaza

In downtown Singapore, there’s an art deco-style skyscraper called Peninsula Plaza. It’s a shopping mall on the first few floors and then an office tower above that, and it’s sometimes called Little Burma, because the place is chock full of Burmese restaurants, groceries, travel agencies and shops.

It’s a place we’ve been to a lot, so when Nyan had a school assignment to write a little bit about a special place in Singapore that his classmates may not know about, he opted for Peninsula Plaza. We didn’t really *have* to pay it a visit, since we know it so well already, but any excuse for some good Burmese food. So off we went.

That’s the building itself, and Nyan standing outside it on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The place was packed – there are thousands of Burmese domestic workers and construction workers here, and Sunday is their day off, when they all converge on Peninsula Plaza to eat and socialize – but we managed to find a table at a restaurant in the basement.

When Nyan wasn’t eating, he was drawing.

Maybe the best part of Peninsula Plaza, for Nyan at least, is a store on the first floor called Sin Toy. It’s full of cheap, junky toys, but every once in a while you can find a gem – like a die-cast metal airplane. It’s the shop where his big Singapore Airlines A380 model came from, and on this visit, he managed to convince Daddy to buy him a Jetstar plane.

Not a bad day.


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Omelettes, Lego Robots and More

Nyan’s life is often a moveable feast, with lots of different dishes for him to try every day. Places to travel, museums to visit, friends to hang out with, books to read, sometimes even actual new food dishes to try! Here’s a look at a few dishes from his daily feast.

Let’s start with an actual dish. At school one day, they made Spanish omelettes (egg, cheese, potato, onion) and Nyan ate and enjoyed it! This is a very positive development, given how he claims to dislike eggs (truth is, he never would try them prior to this). Of course, he still won’t eat eggs even after this breakthrough. But, whatever: baby steps.

Shall we check in again on Lego robotics class? He’s in a Saturday morning class now (rather than Saturday afternoon) with a few more kids. Still enjoying it. Here he is showing off his recent creations, including an X-wing fighter from Star Wars, and a model of the Solar System, with the planets spinning around the sun. Sure, he follows instructions to build these, but still pretty amazing, we think.

He’s creative when he’s just freestyling, too: check out these drawings. To reuse a phrase: pretty amazing. (Click on the pics to enlarge. It’s worth it, we think.)

Finally, amazing in a different sort of way: our hero, dancing machine.

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Dinner at Nyan’s Favorite Place

Every so often – too often for Mommy and Daddy, to be frank – we treat Nyan to a meal at his favorite-ever cafe, a place down the road called Batter Fluffy Flaps. He’s always loved the place. Not sure why, but probably part of it is because the staff are lovely and friendly and let him run around all he wants. There’s also a chalkboard where he can draw, a couch to hang out on, a small bar areas where he likes to eat, and cool post-industrial decor combined with cute Japanese cartoon characters. It’s an odd but charming little place.

It also happens to be just down from another restaurant that has a disabled motorcycle on display out front; on our way home from BFF, Nyan often loves to climb aboard and pretend to be riding.


Oh, and there’s ice cream. Sometimes they give him a little taste for free; sometimes he gets a full scoop or even a cone. No matter what though, a sticky mess is guaranteed.

Bonus: in writing this blog post, the author learned the real name of the place (Battery Fluffy Flaps). We’ve been calling it Batty Flappy Flaps for three-plus years now. Live and learn.

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Seaside Dining, with Planes

One of our favorite places to dine is an outdoor place on the southeast corner of Singapore. It’s right on the water, so it gives great views of ships and ferries and the sunset, and it’s also just before the start of the runways at Changi Airport. That means fantastic views of planes coming in for a landing — oftentimes literally right overhead.

It’s a great place to just chill and enjoy the breeze…

But the best moment comes every few minutes, when a distant light in the sky gets bigger and louder as it nears….

Of course you have to wave at the pilot:

Last time we visited, we even found a coconut that had fallen off a palm tree. Brought it home, cracked it open, enjoyed the insides. Not bad at all.


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Nyan Thomas, Multi-Cultural Eater

As you may know, Nyan is part Iowan and part Asian. You won’t find much of a better example of this than some snackin’ Nyan undertook the other day. Dried seaweed and corn on the cob. (Separately, that is.)

First, the seaweed:

And the corn:

The corn, by the way, comes from Malaysia. And while Nyan likes it just fine, Daddy has to report that, no, it’s nowhere near as good as Iowa corn. (In fact, it’s such a pale imitation that Daddy can’t bring himself to eat Malaysian corn on the cob. Nyan doesn’t seem to mind though.)

Also by the way: at the end of the video, you’ll hear Nyan whining. What he’s saying is “But later, the bugs will cry!” See, we were discussing how we were going to tackle a swarm of flies that had invaded the house (it’s a tropical thing, apparently) and Nyan apparently thought our methods were a bit too severe. Bless him.

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Photo of the Day: Dessert

We went out to dinner the other night at a nice-ish Italian restaurant. It was surprisingly good, and Nyan surprised us by behaving almost 100% the entire time. Here he is, enjoying a taste of mango sorbet for dessert.


(click to enlarge)

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Photo of the Day: Spaghetti

When Daddy’s younger brother, Nyan’s Uncle Mike, was just a little thing, he fell asleep at the dinner table one time, plopping his face right down into a bowl of spaghetti. We couldn’t help but be reminded of that when we saw this photo. Maybe it’s the bowl of spaghetti, maybe it’s the 1970s-looking tablecloth, maybe it’s the 1970s-looking effect of the photo (brought on accidentally by an odd flash on this particular shot), maybe it’s the fact that Nyan looks remarkably like a young Daddy or a young Uncle Mike in this photo. Whatever; we like this shot.


(Click to enlarge)

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A Picnic, of Sorts

Nyan Thomas loves a good picnic. Even if it’s just on the kitchen floor. And even if the food is fake:


Of course, when it comes to real food, he’d often rather play and sing than actually eat:



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Nyan Thomas and the Chocolate Dinosaur

A few scenes from a lazy Saturday morning. Starting at the breakfast table, where a mention from Nyan that his piece of toast was actually a dinosaur prompted Daddy to start filming. Watch the rest:


Here he is a bit later, burning off some of his voluminous energy:


And later still, just playing in the front room and listening to all the ‘loud noises’:

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