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Celebrating Mommy’s Birthday in Style

Mommy had a birthday in August. She wanted to celebrate with afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel. So off we went!

As you know, we spent a couple nights at this gorgeous hotel back in June. It was just as nice in August.

Nyan posed with Mommy:

And we asked the waiter to take a few family photos:

Nyan helped Mommy blow out the candle:

And mostly Nyan was just…. Nyan. Happy birthday, Mommy!

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Celebrating Mommy’s Birthday in Style

There was no traveling for Mommy’s birthday in August, so we made do with what we could and booked a night at the Four Seasons hotel. Fancy! Even fancier when they upgraded us to a one-bedroom suite.

Pretty nice! Nyan did what he likes to do at hotels: eat fruit and proclaim he’s a Roman emperor.

The hotel had a small pool up on the roof. We swam, we lounged, we read.

And we just generally chillaxed in the hotel.

Daddy had mentioned Mommy’s birthday to the hotel, so they sent up a huge cart filled with a full tea set — sweets, fruit, drinks, and of course a birthday cake. Very nice!

On one ride down the hotel elevator, Mommy and Our Hero decided to have a quick dance party.

It was so much fun that when we were in another mirrored elevator at a nearby mall for dinner, they did it again!

And back at the hotel…again!

Pretty good dancers, we gotta say!

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A Staycation on Sentosa

August brought Mommy’s birthday, which we celebrated by staying a couple nights at a hotel on nearby Sentosa island. It was quite a treat to be able to feel like we got away from it all, and to only need a 20-minute taxi ride to get there!

The hotel was the Sofitel Sentosa, and it was lovely.

We spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, which included a peacock or two.

The hotel was a short stroll away from the beach, so we hung out there too.

It also had a little pool full of those little fish that eat the skin off your feet and legs. It was a lot of fun!


But the most basic goal of the little staycation was to celebrate Mommy, make sure she got to relax, and for everyone to enjoy some good family time. Mission accomplished!

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Sick Day, Basketball, and Learning to Swim

One day in mid-November, Nyan took the day off from school and went to the aquarium with Grandma and Grandpa. He wasn’t feeling that well, so they came home early. A couple hours later, during dinner, he got sick! Poor little guy. He started being feverish a couple hours later; he’d caught a virus! So the next day he called in sick to school and spent most of the day sleeping.

He did manage to get up later in the day for some light food and light reading.

By the next day, the fever was gone and he seemed fine, though we kept him home just to be sure. By the afternoon, he was full of beans and life. Whew. Just a quick 24-hour virus, apparently.

Another day during November, we took Grandma and Grandpa to a Singapore Slingers basketball game. It was, in fact, their opening game of the season, and a fun time was had by all! Even though the team lost.

We also did some swimming during the month, including a lesson with Pang:

Nyan also decided to become a swim instructor himself, helpfully giving extensive tips to Mommy while she swam.

Well done, Teacher Nyan!

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Jungle Hike for Mother’s Day

Singapore celebrates Mother’s Day in May, like the U.S., rather than following the U.K. calendar, which celebrates the day in March. Last year, we ended up taking a hike through the jungle along the seashore. This year, completely coincidentally, we wound up…taking a hike through the jungle. Wasn’t on purpose, but it was nice nonetheless.

We went to an interior part of the island, a hilly part full of water reservoirs surrounded by dense jungle, cut through with a number of well-maintained hiking paths.

This being Mother’s Day, Nyan allowed Daddy to take a fair number of photos in which he posed with Mommy:

We also tried out a newly discovered feature on Daddy’s camera phone, which takes “bursts” of shots – like dozens in a row. We thought we’d try to capture Mommy and Nyan both leaping high in the air together. We didn’t quite get the timing down. Nice photos though:

But maybe best of all: the rainforest here was thick with monkeys! We steered pretty clear, as we’d heard they might try to steal a water bottle or whatnot. Managed to get some good pics anyway.

Oh, and yeah, Nyan posed for some photos with Daddy. Although they pale next to all the shots with Mommy, and the monkeys too.

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A Day at the Park with Mommy

Mommy took Nyan down the street to Willow Creek Park, and shaped a ton of photos. It wasn’t intended to be a sort of modeling shoot, but that’s kinda what it ended up looking like!

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Mommy and Nyan

Long-time readers will remember this thing we do every so often, where we run a series of photos of Mommy holding Nyan, to see how much he’s grown. It’s that time again — it’s been that time for a while, in fact — but our wiggly little toddler doesn’t usually sit still long enough for a decent photo of him being held by Mommy. What’s a blogger to do?

Well, you seize opportunity when it presents itself, and it presented itself the other night at a restaurant: after a very active, nap-less Sunday, Nyan fell asleep at dinner. Just suddenly leaned over, rested his head on Daddy’s arm, and zonked out. On the way out of the restaurant, as Mommy carried him, we thought it the perfect time to take a picture. And so we did. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see his cheeky grin, but at least we can see that the young man continues to get bigger and bigger.


(click to enlarge!)

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Mommy and Nyan

Here’s the latest and greatest in our occasional series of photos of Nyan and Mommy, showing how he continues to get taller and taller, bigger and bigger, and cheekier and cheekier!


(Click it to make it big)

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Nyan and Mommy

It’s been a few months since we’ve taken a time-lapse look at Nyan and Mommy through the months. But here we are – from when Nyan was one month old until now, at nearly 28 months. My, my, how our little man has changed. Except for that cheeky look on his face that he had from the moment he was born…


(Click it to make it big)

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Another Blast from the Past

Just found another old video, this one from October 2011 – Nyan was about 3 and a half months old. It’s short and sweet: a Mommy and her boy.

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