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Happy 11-month birthday to the star of this blog, young Nyan Thomas…

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Today’s photos: Farewell (for now) to Iowa

Our two-and-a-half-week long sojourn in the warm humid air of an early Iowa summer is coming to an end. Young Nyan Thomas has had a blast – as have his folks – but it is time to head overseas. Next post will be datelined London…. Here, a couple recent photos from his days of being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa.

Stopping to smell (or at least feel) the flowers:

And hanging out in the back yard with Daddy:


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Today’s Videos: Gardening, and Dirty Boy

Here we see our hero showing off his new crawling-on-the-knees skills in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard. Still a little unsteady, but definitely getting there.


And when he gets to Grandma’s Garden, he discovers… dirt! Digging in it, kicking it, making a general mess of things. Yes, our boy is a boy…

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Portraits of the Young Man as a Young Man

Nothing fancy here, just some recent shots of young Nyan Thomas in action. Plus some really nice pictures of the artist with his Grandma!

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Nyan Thomas Goes Swimming (pics and video)

Our boy has never, ever been afraid of being in the water; his nightly bath is perhaps his favorite time of the day, and getting him out of the tub is never easy. So we were very excited to learn that Cousin Mia had left an inflatable pool at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Last Saturday, the first hot day since we got here, we blew it up – it’s an impressive thing, with two sections, a small slide, and a seahorse that sprays water out of its mouth if you hook a hose up to it – and got Nyan into his swimsuit. Mia came over and put on her swimsuit as well, and the two of them splashed, swam and laughed for quite a while. Okay, so Nyan was a little confused at first, as you can see in the video down below: he was a wallflower, clinging to the side and tepidly splashing his hand in the water. But before long he was all over the place, as the pics prove. (Click any picture to start a slideshow)

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More Fun in the Great Outdoors

As you’ve seen in recent posts, young Nyan Thomas is having a grand old time during his sojourn in Iowa. And the weather has certainly cooperated: it’s been sunny and warm – but not hot or too humid – pretty much every day. That’s meant lots of time spent outdoors – parks, the back yard, strolls around the neighborhood with Grandma. We’ll have more photos and video from his time in the back yard pool soon. For now, a quick look back at some fun crawling around in the grassy back yard, and playing on the various toys at nearby Willow Creek Park.

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Nyan Thomas on a Lazy Sunday in the Back Yard

It was a very warm June day today, and our boy spent a fair amount of time in the back yard, crawling around on the grass, playing in the pool, chewing on his toys and being fascinated by the garden hose. Here, a selection of shots, in which our hero shows off his wide range of facial expressions.

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Friday in the Park with Nyan

Friday was a warm summer day in Iowa, so Grandma, Aunt Val and Daddy took Nyan Thomas to the creatively named City Park for a bit of fun. They have a small section of amusement rides – nothing fancy, but for 75 cents a ride, who’s complaining?

One of Daddy’s favorite rides growing up was the miniature train that snakes a long oval around part of the park. On Friday, we boarded the black-and-gold (of course) train and went for a couple of laps.

Then it was off to the merry-go-round:

Finally, Nyan and Daddy relaxed in the grass a bit.

Back home, Nyan Thomas got to know Ripley, Aunt Val and Uncle Steve’s dog whom they brought with them on their day trip to Iowa City. Ripley is a very sweet and gentle dog, and while Nyan kept his distance at first, eventually his curiosity got the better of him, and he and Ripley became pals.



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Nyan Thomas vs the Vacuum Cleaner

In which our hero shows his love for housework… or at least shows off his (rather odd) deep affection for the vacuum cleaner. He loves the darn thing. Without fail, when the vacuum goes on, the kid starts screeching – not in terror, but in pleasure. Hey, whatever makes him happy…


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Today’s video: Puppy!

Hello from Iowa! Nyan Thomas is spending a few weeks in the heartland, and the other day, cousin Jayme stopped by with Monty, her brand new six-month-old Golden Retriever puppy. We carefully introduced the two youngsters; Nyan Thomas was quite curious, and had no idea what to make of this strange furry creature, but he certainly wasn’t afraid (Nyan Thomas has yet to meet something he’s afraid of). Check it out:

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