A Big Day for our Boy

16 Aug

It’s a big day for Nyan Thomas: it’s his last day in the “Yogi Bear” room at his nursery – the one for 1-to-2 year olds. Starting Monday, he’ll move to the “Paddington Bear” room, where the big boys and girls (the 2-to-4 year olds) spend their day.

Here’s a photo of the young man this morning, outside of the nursery:

photo 2

We expect he’ll adjust to his new digs as quickly and easily as he’s adjusted to all the other changes we’ve put him through in his young life. He’s been spending a few hours a day in the new room already for the past couple weeks, to get him used to it, and the word is that he’s doing fine.

It’ll help that he already knows some of the kids in there – those who are a little older and who used to be in the Yogi Bear room with him. And he already knows his main carer in the new room, L., very well. She says she’s looking forward to having him in the room. Meanwhile the carers in Yogi Bear say they’ll miss him. He’ll miss them too – he’s formed strong bonds with all of them – and with his numerous pals in the old room. But the old room is literally right across the hall from the new one. And several of his pals will be coming over to Paddington room soon enough.

Still, it’s a pretty big day, really. Our boy is growing up!

photo 1

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One response to “A Big Day for our Boy

  1. Grandma L

    August 16, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    Yes, he is growing up so fast! I see he has “duck” with him in the bottom picture. Such a little sweetheart. Miss all of you.


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