A Visit to the Farm

17 Aug

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A couple weekends ago, Nyan took Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa to a place called Mudchute Park and Farm. It’s a pretty good sized area just south of Canary Wharf — that is to say, pretty much in the heart of London — that’s got acres and acres of forest, hills, and grazing land for a bunch of animals. Nyan had been to a farm or two in his day, but he’s getting more comfortable around the animals. Not entirely so, but getting there.

Here he is, feeding the goats with Daddy. Note that Nyan won’t hold the grass himself, but rather guides Daddy’s hand (click any picture to make it bigger and start a slideshow):

Mudchute also has cows, horses, donkeys, chickens, chipmuks, and a couple of llamas (which he called out to by saying “Come here, cow!”):

Also there are sheep. In this video you can see Nyan getting a little more comfortable with the animals, at least while they’re not right up in his face.

It was a most enjoyable morning, with lots of walking – which meant the young man was exhausted and, when we got home, went down for a three hour nap.

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