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It Was a Very Good Month

We had a lot of fun in June 2018, as we’ve seen. Here are some more moments:

On the last day of school, classes let out at midday. In the afternoon, Mommy volunteered to take Nyan and Jayden to the Natural History Museum. Predictably, they had a blast.







Some random photos from the month:







Nyan, running around a play area at the airport while waiting for Mommy to land:

More photos:







Nyan and Jayden, goofing around one morning after a sleepover.

And still more pictures:







Proudly showing off the saw he made at Lego robotics:

Last batch of photos:








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February Fun

February might be the shortest month, but we sure did pack a lot of fun into those 28 days! Here’s a look back at some of the smaller (and goofier) moments of the month, through both pictures and videos.

Nyan Thomas, engineer: During the spring tide in early February, the sea water (we’re a good three-quarters of a mile inland) backed up the drainage canals and caused minor flooding along the road behind our place. Climate change and rising sea levels are real. In any case, it made an impression on Nyan, as I think this monologue is him devising ways to deal with climate change-related flooding.

Here’s Nyan and Jayden, hiding under the covers and giggling. Caution: this video contains lots of young-boy shrieks.

They tore down the sprawling garden shop across the street from us and are throwing up some high-rise condos. We have a front-row seat to watch (and hear) the pile driving, which we do pretty much every morning.

Presenting…. the Merlion!

Wondering what books to order for his school’s Book Week, and also wondering what books Jayden will order.

Just being silly:

His latest creation at Lego Robotics: an electric guitar:

And finally: dancing to the credits of a movie:

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Good Times in January

Here’s a look at some random moments from across the month of January.

Shadow dancing:

Being silly:

And still being silly.

That’s our boy.

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October Madness

Our monthly round-up of random videos and photos. This was October 2017:

Saturn V launch, from Mommy and Daddy’s bed:

Skipping down the sidewalk:

Drawing and laughing with Jayden and Jonnie:


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Hot Fun in the Summertime

What a month August turned out to be. New school, a great beach trip, Monster Jam… But of course there were lots of smaller moments too. Let’s take a look.

First, though, let’s look at some art work from the month of August. He’s getting ever more detailed with his drawings. And he decided he wanted to “make his own book” which means copying the pictures and words from one of his books (“The Snail and the Whale”). Did a pretty good job too!

Let’s see some other random fun:

We found an Italian restaurant with a huge play area outside. Including this trampoline:

More pictures:

Bouncing and babbling on the elevator:

And one last batch of photos. What a month, indeed!

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Sweet Home Singapore

After a month of traveling, we got back to Singapore in late June. There was some jetlag that had Nyan and Daddy up at 3am several nights in a row, but we made the most of it, including a 90-minute stroll around the quiet neighborhood one night.

Nyan continues to be quite creative, whether he’s drawing or building things with Legos or just laying out his toys in creative ways:

Finally, some random photos from in and around Singapore in the month of June. Massages from Mommy, hugs from classmates and more!

And being a little silly outside our condo one evening.

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Mega-Fun in the Month of May

Miscellaneous mirth in the month of May.






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