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Happy Birthday to Tanishka! 

Nyan’s friend and classmate Tanishka had a birthday in March, and her parents threw a great party in a hotel ballroom one Sunday afternoon. There was food, drinks, arts and crafts, dancing… and a magic show too!

A lot of Nyan’s fellow classmates made it out to the party.

And they danced…

Happy birthday, Tanishka!


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Bunky Visits Singapore!

As we’ve seen before, Nyan and Elizabeth – a.k.a. Bunky, a.k.a. Mommy’s BFF Sharon’s daughter — get along like long-lost brother-and-sister. So they were both super excited when she came for a visit! Bunky (and her parents) stayed with us a few nights and also spent a few nights at a resort hotel. Here’s some of what they got up to.

We managed to get a fair number of photos of the two of them posing:

Nyan is a bit older than Bunky and enjoyed playing the big brother to her, including reading to her at night:

We spent some time at their hotel, where Nyan and Bunky slid down the waterslide:

And splashed in the pool:

And chased around the peacocks that wander the hotel grounds:

Mostly though, they just enjoyed hanging out, skipping down the street, being pals.



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Return to Myanmar

In early March, Nyan and Mommy joined Phwa Phwa and Uncle Nyi-Nyi for a short visit to Yangon, Myanmar. It was definitely a trip they will never forget, since both Mommy and Nyan caught some sort of stomach bug and spent a fair amount of time convalescing in their hotel room!

Still, they managed to see some temples — including the famous Shwedagon Pagoda — and hang out with various aunties and cousins, including Nyan’s favorite Kiki.

Some of the temples:

Nyan was really into the bells:


And the incense too:

And just hanging out with his young cousin Htun Htun:

And finally some random shots from around Yangon:

So you can see, they managed to have a good time in spite of the sickness. Next time we will all stay healthy and see more of the country!

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Even More Taekwondo

Nyan’s still hard at work at taekwondo. Let’s take a look.

Getting some one-on-one training with his teacher, Mr Lee. He’s getting better!

Stretching before class:

They still do the ball-picking-up thing:

Practice makes perfect:

In February he did a ‘grading’ exercise, where Nyan (and lots of other students) went to the central studio on a Sunday morning to show his moves to the leaders. If he performs well, he moves on to the next training level. He did it!


Here he is getting official recognition from his teacher, Mr Lee, for passing the grading.


And finally, a few random shots, these from January and February:


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Random February Fun

Here’s a bunch of photos and videos from February that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Goofing around in the elevator:

Singing a school song about the parts of the body:

Boys being boys:


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Happy Birthday to Kyra and Chryssa!

Nyan’s classmate Kyra and her younger sister Chryssa have birthdays around the same time, so their parents (wisely) decided to throw a single party for both. It was at their condo complex right next door to ours, and featured lots of kids from Nyan’s school.

Ballon sculpture was a big hit:

And there were other balloons too:

The highlight, though, was surely the magic show.


The kids were hyped for it:

Okay, it wasn’t all magic. Part of it involved the MC just getting the kids to scream as loud as they could.

This is an interesting video. Nyan’s friends are *really* into the magician’s show. Nyan, though, seems distracted and finally gets up to go get… well, watch and find out.

And did we mention the balloons? Yeah, the kids loved the balloons.

All in all, a great afternoon!

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