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Fun Times in Iowa (Part One)

We’ve been in Iowa — Daddy’s home state — for, gosh, six weeks? seven weeks? Something like that. It’s safe to say that Nyan has had the Best Summer Ever. In no particular order, he’s enjoyed a nonstop stream of toys, fire trucks, swimming, cement mixers, trains, Grandma and Grandpa, cows, books, fishing, fuel trucks, airplanes, cousins and aunts and uncles, car rides… I’m sure I’ve forgotten about a zillion things.

And of course, Daddy has been snapping about a zillion pictures. Here, in no particular order, are a small sampling. Most of these are from late June, early in our sojourn here. We’ll post up some more in coming days.

Bonus, just for fun: a couple of shots of Iowa at sunset at the peak of summer. Pretty, no?

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Nyan Thomas Does California

As you’ve read, we spent a little time in California last month. Here’s a bit of what we got up to.

We hung out in San Francisco:

And we visited Stinson Beach, north of the Golden Gate:

One afternoon we stopped off in lovely Palo Alto on a lovely sunny afternoon, where we met a nice young couple in a playground, with two kids of their own. We played with them for a bit, and Nyan ran around in the playground:

We also drove down Highway 1 along the Pacific coast and took some shots:

One evening, while waiting for a taxi back to the hotel, Nyan decided to race himself, as he does.

Note how he’s full of beans late at night? That’s the jet lag talking. Not to worry: he got plenty of sleep. Usually in the middle of the afternoon.

Tired little guy. But he had a blast!

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Our Boy is Four Years Old!

Nyan Thomas turns four today. There’ll be dinosaurs, fire engines, dump trucks and other things that four year old boys like. In the meantime, here he is over the years: a couple days old, then about 15 months after that, then another 15 months, and then just a few weeks ago.


(click to enlarge)


Happy birthday, Nyan!

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A Sunny Day in Santa Cruz

On our mini-holiday in Northern California last month, we spent one day driving south along the shore on Highway 1. We’d intended to get down to Big Sur, but it was lunchtime before we even made it to Santa Cruz, and the geography was clear: making it to Big Sur was going to mean pushing it really hard and not having much time to relax and enjoy ourselves.

So we decided to scrap Big Sur and spend a little time in Santa Cruz, including a leisurely lunch on the boardwalk and just wandering around in the brilliant sunshine. It’s a lovely coastal town, and the scenery is only enhanced by the weird way the fog forms a sort of wall just inland.

The best part, maybe, was the large flock (school? group?) of sea lions (or seals? not sure of the biological differences here, to be honest…) hanging out on a little shelf under the boardwalk.

Very cool. Loved the sounds they make too. And Nyan was totally transfixed too:

So no, we didn’t make it to Big Sur in the end. Didn’t even make it down to Monterey. No complaints at all though.

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Nyan Thomas, Apple Farmer

A few months back, we somehow got it in our heads that it’d be fun to plant a tree at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandma and Grandpa have a lush, beautifully gardened back yard that’s full of flowers and trees, but they were happy to make room for another tree. Nyan wanted to plant an apple tree, and because of the need for pollination and whatnot, you can’t just plant one apple tree; gotta be two.

So not long after we arrived in Iowa, it was off to the garden store where Nyan picked out a pair of apple trees. And not long after that, he was out in the garden, digging holes and filling them up with apples.

The trees actually already have a few small apples on them, and they should bear full-sized apples within just a few years, if all goes well. But Daddy’s hope is that in a few decades, Nyan can make a trip back to Iowa City and can stop by his Grandma and Grandpa’s old house (assuming it’s not still in the family, of course) and sneak into the backyard to take a look at the trees he planted.

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Killing Time at the Denver Airport

Our trip last month from San Francisco to Iowa City took us through Denver International Airport. Our connecting flight was delayed by an hour or so, so Nyan and Daddy had some time to kill. Here’s how we killed it.

We had a bit of fun on the moving sidewalks, with help from Nyan’s navigator (as he called him), Woody:

(We actually went back and forth on the moving sidewalks a LOT. Hey, it kept him entertained for a bit.)

We also just hung out by the departures/arrivals boards, checking out our fellow Americans, letting our imagination run wild.

And by our gate, we played around with a couple of kids who were waiting for the same plane. Nyan and the little boy were about the same age, and they got into an extended discussion about all the vehicles they could see out on the tarmac. Fuel trucks, the various types of jet planes, etc.

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What’s in a Name?

A month or so ago, soon after we arrived in California, our hero — the young man with the active imagination — suddenly decided that his name was no longer Nyan. Nope: we were to call him…. Eagle. Who were we to object?


All was good, and we toured around northern California, happily calling our son Eagle. And then, on a lunchtime stroll along the Santa Cruz boardwalk, “Eagle” pointed to the sky and said “Look, Mommy and Daddy — an eagle!” We looked up into the sunny sky, expecting to see a bald eagle soaring there. Um, nope.


That’s right. Our son had taken the word ‘seagull’ and turned it into his new name, Eagle. Not quite as majestic…

But whatever; we kept calling him Eagle. A few days later, we made it to Iowa, where Eagle woke up one morning declaring his name was now… Digger. Okay then… later that day, Grandma read Nyan, er Eagle, er Digger, a book called Baby Whale. Moments later, Digger had another new name:


Baby Whale!

Baby Whale stuck with us for a long time. Like two weeks or more. Making the mistake of calling Nyan “Nyan” would get you a quick rebuke. “No I’m Baby Whale!” Sometimes Daddy would tease the poor marine mammal by ‘mistakenly’ calling him Eagle. “No Daddy, I’m Baby Whale!” Okay, Baby Whale…

Then, as suddenly as the Baby Whale Era began, it was over. A few days ago, the lad woke up and declared he had a new name. He’s now known as… Nemo! We’re not at all sure what prompted this latest change; yes, he’s seen Finding Nemo a couple of times, and enjoyed it, but he hadn’t seen it of late, far as we know. Who knows how that little guy’s mind works.

In any case, we’re now several days into the Nemo Epoch. Soon after it started, Mommy and Daddy took a business trip to Florida, and what do you think we found at a local candy shop? Well, yes, there were stuffed Peppa Pigs, but we didn’t get Nyan any of those. But we did purchase this little fella for our little Nemo:

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. We just hope we won’t need to rename this website.

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Nyan Thomas and the Mill Valley Fire Department

We spent a few days in northern California last month, on our way to our summer sojourn with Grandma and Grandpa. One day we found ourselves in the lovely little Marin County town of Mill Valley, wandering around the redwoods and looking for a place to have lunch. But serendipity struck and we happened upon the main fire station for the Mill Valley Fire Department! We of course stood and looked, when one of the firefighters came out and asked our young man if by chance he wanted to sit in the fire engine. Be still Nyan’s beating heart! He did indeed. And the fire engine too.

The friendly firefighter tried to get Nyan to talk on the radio, but apparently shyness overtook him.

Suddenly, though, the radio came to life: they had a call! We stepped aside and watched as the firefighters climbed into their trucks and headed out.

Special thanks to the friendly folks of the Mill Valley FD!

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