Nyan Thomas and the Mill Valley Fire Department

02 Jul

We spent a few days in northern California last month, on our way to our summer sojourn with Grandma and Grandpa. One day we found ourselves in the lovely little Marin County town of Mill Valley, wandering around the redwoods and looking for a place to have lunch. But serendipity struck and we happened upon the main fire station for the Mill Valley Fire Department! We of course stood and looked, when one of the firefighters came out and asked our young man if by chance he wanted to sit in the fire engine. Be still Nyan’s beating heart! He did indeed. And the fire engine too.

The friendly firefighter tried to get Nyan to talk on the radio, but apparently shyness overtook him.

Suddenly, though, the radio came to life: they had a call! We stepped aside and watched as the firefighters climbed into their trucks and headed out.

Special thanks to the friendly folks of the Mill Valley FD!

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