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In early April, what everyone had feared would happen, happened: the coronavirus started getting out of hand in Singapore, so the government put everyone on a sort of soft lockdown. They didn’t call it a lockdown, and we weren’t exactly restricted to our homes. But everyone was to work or learn from home, and leave home pretty much only to buy food or to exercise in their immediate neighborhood. No socializing, no movies, no bars, no school, no offices. Just… lockdown. (Or, to use the term employed by the local government: Circuit Breaker, or CB – i.e., breaking the circuit of the virus going from person to person.)

Not gonna lie: it wasn’t easy at first, as everyone around the world can relate to! Eventually we found somewhat of a rhythm. But for two long months, we didn’t do a whole lot! Let’s take a look at what litle we did manage to do in that time.

Nyan read! A lot. As always.

Nyan also started reading Game of Thrones on Daddy’s kindle. We indulged him, briefly, just to hear him read. But we didn’t let that continue. The boy is still just a little young for that one… 

There was plenty of time to play with toys too.

Screen time too: zoom calls with friends, watching youtube, even a little online chess. We tried to keep the screen time to a minimum.

We also got in the habit of watching a movie most evenings. Not every evening, but several times a week. We watched all of the cartoon series Avatar: the Last Airbender, and most of the Studio Ghibli films.

And yeah, we slept a lot. And Daddy took a lot of pictures of Nyan sleeping. Because there wasn’t much else to do!

In upcoming posts we’ll look at a few other things we did, like going to the park and getting exercise. Stay tuned.

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Celebrating Books at School 

Our boy likes to read just a little bit, as we’ve noted. So he was naturally very excited when his school announced they’d be hosting Book Week in March, a week full of activities around books and reading. Heaven for young Nyan.

Among the events was a Book Fair, where there were lots and lots of books to buy. Nyan bought a handful – mostly from his current favorite series, Geronimo Stilton.

Probably the highlight of the week came on Friday, when all the kids were encouraged to dress up as a favorite book character. Nyan decided he wanted to be Sir Lancelot, the knight from the King Arthur books (which we’ve been reading to him from time to time). He’s been a knight for Halloween, but we couldn’t just reuse that; we did use his old helmet and sword, but we made up a new shield, painted in roughly the colors that Lancelot was said to use (the historical record is sketchy, to say the least). Here he is, putting it all together and posing:

At school that Friday morning, all the kids marched out, proudly parading their costumes.

They posed as a class:

And they goofed around, as kids will do:

Surely the highlight of the highlight was when Darth Vader himself made an appearance!*

*No, Star Wars isn’t really a book (although, yes, they turned the stories into books), so dressing as characters from the film series is a *bit* of a cheat. But who’s counting. 

And finally, Nyan made his own book! At least a couple pages of it. Myles is one of his classmates; what the rest of the story is about is, frankly, a mystery. But it sure is creative!

Bonus pictures: on another Friday in March, the school had what they called “Groovy Glasses Day,” when everyone was encouraged to wear silly, goofy or groovy eyeglasses. Nyan took one of his fake pairs, put some colorful tape on it, and called it groovy. Works for us.

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More Reading!

If we wanted to, we could make this blog be nothing but photos and videos of Nyan reading, since he seems to always have his nose in a book. Not that we mind one bit! Among his current favorites are the Geronimo Stilton series, the Captain Underpants series, the HiLo series, as well as anything related to science, engineering, or how things work in general. Dr Seuss remains a favorite too; we’ve been reading him the legend of King Arthur too. It’s a long list.

Here’s some recent videos and pictures of the scholar, reading.

Enjoying one of his favorites, Geronimo Stilton:

Some pics:

Reading from one of the books that he’s assigned to read aloud on a nightly basis:

And a few more random shots:

Will there be more evidence of his love of reading in the future? Count on it.

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Nyan Thomas, Reader

Did you know that our boy loves to read? Yeah, of course you do. Check him out in various reading poses during the month of September:

His new school doesn’t give much homework, but one thing they do demand is that the students read out loud for 10 to 15 minutes every night, and that the parents listen in, record in a logbook what the student is reading, and of course help out with any tough words or whatnot. Nyan obviously took to this assignment like a fish to water. Here are a few videos of the boy showing off his reading chops.

Not bad at all. And he’s only gotten better since then.

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Nyan Thomas, Reader

It’s no secret that Nyan loves books and stories. No matter what or when, chances are he’ll ask Mommy or Daddy to tell (or better yet, read) him a story. Before bed, at mealtime, when brushing teeth, on the toilet, on the bus…. ‘Can you read me a story?’

What’s much lesser known is that the young man is no slouch at reading himself. And  every once in a while, we’re able to grab some video evidence.

Here he is, back in November, reading some Curious George before school:

Also in November, reading some Richard Scarry before bed (apologies for the slightly soft audio):

And finally, one morning I had asked the little man to make his bed. I left his room and came back a few minutes later, expecting to find a made bed. Nope. Instead I found this:

Hard to get mad at him when he’s doing that though, isn’t it.


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One of Nyan’s Favorite Places

Hanging out at the book store.


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Story Time

Here’s a very sleepy boy, having a little bite to eat and listening in rapt attention as Auntie Zuzu reads Cat in the Hat to him.

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At the Library

We’ve posted one picture from this collection a while back, but here’s the full story of Nyan Thomas at the library. He wanted to stop in there one night on his way home from school, and who are we to refuse him a trip to the library?

He loves playing on the computer:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a video that starts on the computer and follows him around the library as he discovers a new toy:

Nothing better than finding little nook to curl up in and read a good book:

He also played with the library’s giant stuffed animals. The pile you see here is because, as Nyan put it, “They sleeping.” So he decided to join them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here he is hanging out with his pal Winnie the Pooh. Who promptly falls down.

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A Stop on the Way Home

Halfway between school and home is the public library. On the way home this evening, Nyan decided he wanted to stop in. Who are we to say no?


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Nyan Thomas, Reader

This morning, we left Nyan alone in his room for a second and when we returned, we found him…. reading Cat in the Hat to himself. Commenting on the pictures, quoting lines from the book (‘Look at me, look at me now!’) which we will assume is based on memory and not from actually reading … Managed to snag this little video, until he figured out that he was on camera. A nice way to start the day.




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