Nyan Thomas, Reader

19 Dec

It’s no secret that Nyan loves books and stories. No matter what or when, chances are he’ll ask Mommy or Daddy to tell (or better yet, read) him a story. Before bed, at mealtime, when brushing teeth, on the toilet, on the bus…. ‘Can you read me a story?’

What’s much lesser known is that the young man is no slouch at reading himself. And  every once in a while, we’re able to grab some video evidence.

Here he is, back in November, reading some Curious George before school:

Also in November, reading some Richard Scarry before bed (apologies for the slightly soft audio):

And finally, one morning I had asked the little man to make his bed. I left his room and came back a few minutes later, expecting to find a made bed. Nope. Instead I found this:

Hard to get mad at him when he’s doing that though, isn’t it.


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