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Out for a Stroll (pics and video)

Last Friday evening was beautiful and sunny here in London (yes, we’ve been quite blessed of late with a whole lot of sunshine of late!), and on our return home from school, the young man decided he would rather take a stroll around the neighborhood than going immediately inside. Daddy was happy to oblige, and we’ve got the pictures and video to prove it. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Coolest Kid in the Tub

Why is he wearing those, in there, you ask? Simple. He found his sunglasses and wanted to wear them. We were on our way to the tub. Simple.

(Click on any pic to make it bigger)

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Today’s Photos: Phone Fun

Not a whole lot to see here, really – just a fun little set of pictures of the young man playing around with his (toy) mobile phone. Click on any picture to start the slideshow.

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Down on the Farm (Pictures and Videos)

Last Sunday, the sun came out and the temperature jumped up to about 60 degrees, and nearly everyone on this little island emerged from their homes, blinking in the brightness like baby moles, and headed outside for the afternoon. We were no different. Our initial plans for a trip to the London zoo got derailed due to practicalities like naptime and whatnot, so instead we decided Nyan would get in touch with his Iowan roots and headed half an hour north of London, to a place called Lea Valley Park Farms.

It’s tucked into a lovely little valley, and it’s apparently a working farm of some sort, but they have quite a spread that’s open to visitors, with trails, a cafe or two, several areas of games and activities, and animals. Lots of animals. We saw pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys, llamas, rabbits, turkeys, tortoises, chickens, cows, meerkats, guinea pigs, ponies, even an entire sled’s worth of Siberian huskies. Our boy was enthralled by some of the animals, a little freaked out by others (goats, of course, stink to high heaven, and Nyan was not impressed). Here’s a bunch of photos of the lad – expertly shot by Mommy, who was manning the camera (click on any picture to make it bigger and start a nice slideshow):

And some videos. A short one and a longer one of Nyan on the trail – inspecting rocks, falling down, and struttin’ his stuff:

And finally, the creme de la creme: Nyan Thomas riding a tractor. With a little help from Daddy:

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Saturday in the Back Yard

It’s finally springtime here in London, we feel it safe to say, which means more light, more sun, more warmth. Hopefully. (About bloody time, too.) And that all means more time spent outdoors for our young man. This is good all around: fresh air, exercise, new experiences, and a tired young man who will sleep all night.


One Saturday afternoon about a month ago, it was – shockingly – chilly and grey, and definitely not yet springtime. But Nyan Thomas and Daddy were feeling a little cabin feverish. So we wrapped up tight and headed to the back yard for a bit of tromping around in the grass. We didn’t stay out long, just long enough to get some fresh air, listen to the birds, wander around a bit, and take the photo above and this video.



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Health Update: Easter Blues

We hinted in an earlier post that Nyan’s Easter Weekend wasn’t all it could have been. Indeed. A quick recap, after a photo of a happy guy.


Easter was a four-day weekend here, and 75 percent of it was great. There were museums, visits with friends and family, swimming lessons, cuddles with Mommy and Daddy, and lots of just Nyan being Nyan. And then came Easter Monday.

The day started fine, albeit with a bit of a cough. Around 2pm, the cough was getting worse, and he felt slightly feverish. By 4:30 he was very hot to the touch and had lost all enthusiasm and energy – a sure sign that something wasn’t right. We got out a cheap drugstore thermometer and learned that his temperature was… 105.6 degrees F, or 40.9 C. What?? No way, gotta be wrong, Daddy thought. So we tested it again. Same thing. Cue the mad dash to the emergency room. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Young Man Walks Into a Daddy (Videos)

Daddy’s a big fan of these two videos, and it’s not hard to see why. First up, our hero wanders around the house in a state of half-undress, pre-bath. And eventually runs right into Daddy and collapses in Daddy’s lap:


The next day, Nyan took a stroll on a cool, sunny spring day, and at the end… ran up to Daddy for a big ol’ hug:


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Today’s Videos: Eatin’

A trio of videos from the past few weeks featuring young Nyan Thomas at dinnertime. Here he gently eats some yogurt – using both spoon and fingers – after what was clearly a delicious and messy meal of pasta with red sauce:


Here, just chewing and smiling as Daddy makes strange noises from behind the camera:


Last but not least, more chewin’ and digestin’ from that same photo session:

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A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist

We had a four-day weekend for Easter, and it kicked off with Nyan having a good Friday on Good Friday. First we visited the museum/aquarium – as you saw in a previous post – and then later in the day, Nyan practiced his drawing skills with a box of crayons. Good times. The rest of the weekend was up and down – some good times, some not so good times; more on that in a later post. For now, please enjoy this video of young Nyan Thomas being an artiste.

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