Health Update: Easter Blues

14 Apr

We hinted in an earlier post that Nyan’s Easter Weekend wasn’t all it could have been. Indeed. A quick recap, after a photo of a happy guy.


Easter was a four-day weekend here, and 75 percent of it was great. There were museums, visits with friends and family, swimming lessons, cuddles with Mommy and Daddy, and lots of just Nyan being Nyan. And then came Easter Monday.

The day started fine, albeit with a bit of a cough. Around 2pm, the cough was getting worse, and he felt slightly feverish. By 4:30 he was very hot to the touch and had lost all enthusiasm and energy – a sure sign that something wasn’t right. We got out a cheap drugstore thermometer and learned that his temperature was… 105.6 degrees F, or 40.9 C. What?? No way, gotta be wrong, Daddy thought. So we tested it again. Same thing. Cue the mad dash to the emergency room.

We had already self-diagnosed that he had a mild case of croup (hence the cough), and we knew that a fever often came with it. But still, 105 degrees is way too high. The people at the hospital didn’t seem too concerned, though; we spent an hour in the crowded waiting room before we were seen by a nurse. She took his temperature – still 105 and change – and had us take off most of his clothes, to bring the body temp down. Then she sent us to the children’s ward.

Daddy was a bit concerned at this point that they were actually going to have to admit the young man to the hospital – which would indicate that this was pretty serious. (Of course, any time you have to take your child to the ER, it gives rise to all sorts of bad thoughts.) But no: they put us in a little room, and a kindly nurse told us that the doctor would see us in a bit. She also brought Nyan some books and toys to help pass the time. By this point he was showing a little more energy, and felt a little bit less feverish, though still quite warm.

Eventually we saw the doctor, got moved to another room, managed to get some liquid medicine into him (something for the fever, plus a mild steroid for the croup), and then were told to wait, as they wanted to see how he would respond. His vitals were not great – high temp and a very fast pulse, an obvious function of the high temp – but over the next couple of hours, he slowly came back to life. By around 9pm, we’d been there for some 3 and a half hours, and it was way past his bedtime, so he started to doze off on the hospital bed.

Then, all of a sudden, around 9:30, it was like someone flipped a switch. He sat up, slid himself down from the bed (one of his new tricks) with help from Mommy, and headed out into the ward to explore. He checked out the machines; he poked his head into the other rooms; he tried to get into the dirty room where they put plaster casts on broken bones; and then – still wearing nothing but a pair of pants – he started to run. Okay, walk fast, but still. He led Daddy on a long race, running laps around the nurses station. I mean that literally: he was pretty much running laps, giggling as Daddy chased after him. Every once in a while he’d fake a move to the left and try to dash into one of the other patients’ rooms – always curious, this one – and then resume his laps.

Finally around 10:15, one of the nurses at the nurses station looked up and said ‘I think we can send Nyan home. He looks fine.’ They did one last look at his vitals and off we went.

The next day he was perfectly fine, aside from a remaining cough (which would stick around for a few more days). We kept him out of the nursery, but otherwise he was full of beans, as they say.

We’re still locked in daily battle with his failure to poop – a.k.a. constipation – and have tried all sorts of things. Getting him to drink more fluids; changing his diet; leg/stomach exercises; even the dreaded (by him and by us) suppository, which worked a few times but seems to have stopped working. Our current trick: Karo syrup. And having a doctor check him out.

But no fever or other serious concerns since Easter Monday, which we’ll take.


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