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Dance Class! And More Fun Times in July

As you’ve seen, July 2020 was a busy, busy month as we emerged from the coronavirus lockdown. There was more though. Let’s take a look at some random moments, in picture and in video. Some random photos:

Nyan loves to dance, as you’ve seen, so he grudgingly signed up for two sample hip-hop dance classes at a nearby studio. He was nervous that he’d be the only boy in the class, so we convinced his bestie Jayden to attend as well. A fine theory, but in the end they both just sorta goofed off a bit. 

More random photos: 

We did convince Nyan to return for his second class; Jayden couldn’t make it, which made Nyan even more nervous. But he bucked up and went. He was, in fact, the only boy the class (though we bumped into a school classmate on the walk there, and she was in the same dance class; that helped). Here’s the class:

A few more random photos:

One final video from that dance class.

He didn’t want to continue classes, sadly, and we chose not to force him…

More photos:

And last but not least, our hero enjoying a small bowl of gelato,.

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Birthday Sleepover

Nyan turned 9 years old in July. We kept the celebrations low-key, centered around a sleepover and full day of play with bestie Jayden.

They swam:

They built Legos:

We had a casual birthday dinner at a local burger joint.

And of course, they posed for goofy birthday photos.

No, it wasn’t the most action-packed birthday ever, but Nyan got to spend it with his parents and, especially, his best friend. Hard to beat that!

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Summer Break: Tennis Camp

You’ve seen how Nyan spent a good part of his truncated summer break at soccer camp with his friend Edris. He also spent five mornings at tennis camp, also with Edris.

It was held outdoors, at the tennis courts attached to a hotel downtown. We didn’t get a lot of pics or video from the lessons themselves, but here are the kids doing warm-ups one morning:

And warm-up sprints:

And just being goofy.

Here are Edris and Nyan, walking through the hotel after camp:

In fact, post-camp was surely some of the most fun of the week. We had a decent little walk from the hotel to the train, including passing through a fancy mall. They enjoyed checking out the art gallery in the mall:

The train ride home was lots of fun too. The trains were almost always just about empty, giving the boys plenty of space to goof around, look out the windows, etc. Good stuff.

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Summer Break: Fun with Friends

We had plenty of playdates during Nyan’s month-long summer break. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

We had Edris over one afternoon. They played Lego and Minecraft…

And went for a swim:

And goofed around outside:

And had dinner at Nyan’s favorite Italian restaurant.

Another time, Nyan went to Edris’s place and hung out a lot with Coconut, their dog.

We also had a playdate with Oscar and Noe, the identical twins in Nyan’s year at school.

More Minecraft, of course.

Chitchat by the pool:

And LOTS of vamping for the slo-mo camera in the pool.

And of course — of course! — we hung out with Jayden and Jonnie. Here they are, enjoying ice cream:

And enjoying a sunny, breezy day at the beach.

We’ll have more with Jayden soon, and with his other friends too. 

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Summer Break: Soccer Camp

As mentioned, Nyan was off from school from early July til early August. To keep him occupied, we signed him up for a few day camps — including two week-long soccer camps with his good friend Edris.

This was good as it got him exercise, got him socializing, and kept his soccer skills intact – all the more important since he was no longer doing his Saturday afternoon soccer class (they had to move the class to a location pretty far away, and it just wasn’t feasible).

The soccer camp was not too far away; a short bus ride followed by a nice early-morning stroll. We often bumped into Edris on that walk, and the boys goofed around.

The camp was held inside this cavernous concrete building, with about five kids total. They did drills, they worked on skills, they played matches. Let’s check out some of the action, shall we?

Penalty shots:

Some sort of skills drill. I’m sure there’s a point to this exercise.


Playing a match!

And finally: showing off, or trying to show off, his spin-the-ball-on-finger skills. 

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