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Fun Times in the Last Month of 2020

Yes, 2020 was an odd year for everyone. But our hero still managed to have some fun. The last month of the year was no different. Let’s take a quick look at some random moments from the month. 

First, some random photos.

Here he is, enjoying some Garfield over breakfast.

They opened a cafe/restaurant down the road called the Lazy Sloth. Of course we had to go! And yes there are sloths everywhere. A big hit with our sloth-loving boy.

Some more random photos:

Here he is celebrating a trophy for ‘outstanding effort and sportsmanship’ at his holiday soccer camp

One last batch of photos:

And finally, for our last video of 2020: playing with one of his Christmas presents. A globe filled with xenon and neon gases that has colorful rays of electricity when you touch the outside. Very cool!

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A Post-Christmas Staycation

Thanks to the pandemic, we couldn’t travel anywhere over the Christmas holidays. So instead we booked two nights at a local hotel called the Andaz. It’s fairly new, and pretty close to our home, on the edge of downtown. It was a nice little break. 

Here’s the outside of the building, and the lobby:

Here’s our boy and Slothie, relaxing by the windows and commenting, “I’m like a Roman emperor! Except with an apple instead of grapes.”

It’s a high-rise hotel; our room was on the 28th floor, the pool was on the 25th, and there’s a bar and open-air viewing platform up on the roof, at the 40th floor. So the views are pretty awesome.

And the infinity pool on the 25th floor was pretty nice too. Small, but nice.

We didn’t really do all that much on this staycation, since the whole point was to just relax. But we went to a few nearby restaurants, and had a walkabout through what’s called the Arab Quarter, the traditional Muslim neighborhood that the hotel is located right next to. The quarter is home to a beautiful mosque, so of course we posed for a goofy family pic.

We can’t wait til we are allowed to travel internationally again, but until then, little breaks like this help keep us sane!

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Another Singapore Christmas

We’ve lived in Singapore for nearly seven years now, and every year except one, we’ve celebrated Christmas right here in the tropical warmth. 2020 was no different, except we didn’t get to do our usual multi-day beach vacation either before or after the 25th, thanks to ongoing pandemic travel restrictions. Still, we made the most of the season!

Singapore got all dolled up, like it always does. A few random trees from around town:

We had a nice little holiday corner at home too:

Nyan turned the tree into a little play area over the course of the month.

On the big day itself, we opened presents, of course. Nyan got lots of books, which he immediately devoured, and some new pajamas , which he immediately turned into a hat.

We saved the best for last: A Nintendo Switch! “My prayers have been answered,” said the very happy young man.

We had a lazy rest of the day, including a swim and a movie matinee. The next day we spent at the home of Jayden and his family. Hilarity and hijinx ensued.

Bouncy balls:

An actor is born:


Still a goofball while playing video games:

All in all, a very fine Singapore Christmas!

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Playtime over the Holiday Break

Nyan had about three weeks off from school over the Christmas and New Years holidays. The challenge is, of course, how to keep him occupied and busy and engaged, and not just watching YouTube for four or eight or 12 hours a day! (He would if he could, I fear….) 

Happily, our boy has lots of friends, so he was able to have lots of playdates and sleepovers. 

He spent time in the pool with Ellie and with Nadia:

He played Monopoly with Hao Wei (those two also played a fair bit of Minecraft!)

There were playdate and sleepovers with Jayden, of course.

Those fun times with Jayden and Jonnie (his two brothers, we like to call them) included indoor sack races:

And indoor sack-and-dinosaur races:

And sliding-on-the-floor races:

And just general running around, boys-being-boys style:

Nyan also spent time at a week-long soccer camp with Edris. Check out those skills:

And being goofy with Edris:

Edris hung out at our place one day, and they went for a swim. Mid-swim, the heavens opened up. No worries: they were already wet, so they logically just kept playing in the rain and had a blast.

Lots of fun over the holiday break!

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A Visit to Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is the name of a neighborhood not far from downtown Singapore. It’s known for its food shops, its cafes and its 1930s art deco architecture. One Sunday morning, Nyan and Daddy headed there for a casual stroll. It wasn’t all that exciting, but it was a nice change of pace.

We walked down the sidewalks and checked out the old wooden doors…

We admired a bright Vespa parked on the road:

Fun fact: Tiong Bahru is close to Singapore General Hospital, and back in WW2, the Japanese made a habit of trying to drop bombs on the hospital. Sometimes they would miss and hit Tiong Bahru, so the government built air raid shelters there, which you can still see the outside of. There’s a little display of old photos from inside, and an old advertisement from someone offering to build air raid shelters, I guess?

And finally: Tiong Bahru is kind of an artistic area, so we stumbled upon a mural of a giant goat. Not sure why, but we had to take photos, of course.

That’s it. Like we said, not the most exciting trip ever. But still nice!

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