Playtime over the Holiday Break

10 Jan

Nyan had about three weeks off from school over the Christmas and New Years holidays. The challenge is, of course, how to keep him occupied and busy and engaged, and not just watching YouTube for four or eight or 12 hours a day! (He would if he could, I fear….) 

Happily, our boy has lots of friends, so he was able to have lots of playdates and sleepovers. 

He spent time in the pool with Ellie and with Nadia:

He played Monopoly with Hao Wei (those two also played a fair bit of Minecraft!)

There were playdate and sleepovers with Jayden, of course.

Those fun times with Jayden and Jonnie (his two brothers, we like to call them) included indoor sack races:

And indoor sack-and-dinosaur races:

And sliding-on-the-floor races:

And just general running around, boys-being-boys style:

Nyan also spent time at a week-long soccer camp with Edris. Check out those skills:

And being goofy with Edris:

Edris hung out at our place one day, and they went for a swim. Mid-swim, the heavens opened up. No worries: they were already wet, so they logically just kept playing in the rain and had a blast.

Lots of fun over the holiday break!

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