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Things Boys Do at Sleepovers

Even though Jayden has moved away, we’re still getting the boys together for regular sleepovers. Here’s a look at some of the recent shenanigans they got up to.

They eat, they read, they goof around:

What’s a sleepover without science? Here they are carefully measuring the finger of Jayden’s daddy.

Here are the two pals, chatting and catching up by the pool at the start of a sleepover:

And yes, sometimes there are movies to watch.

Finally, after all this fun… it’s time to cuddle up in bed.


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Sometimes He Sleeps

Yes, sometimes our boy sleeps. Usually not when we want him to — he’s becoming a master and stalling and delaying bedtime — but once he’s out, he’s usually out cold. At least until the middle of the night when he wakes up and pitter-patters his way in to Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, where he plops down between them and hogs the entire bed. (Yes, Mommy or Daddy really should take him back to his room at this point, but they’re usually too sound asleep themselves and can’t be bothered.)

Some mornings Nyan wakes up by about 7, but some days he sleeps in. That’s when Daddy reaches for his camera and snaps the candid shots you see here.

(Once in a blue moon, a very tired boy will pass out on Daddy’s arm at a restaurant, as he did the other night, or lay down on the bench we use at our dining table and just doze off right there on the hard wood, as you see below.)

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Santa Claus and the Space Rocket Car

Over breakfast this morning, Daddy asked Nyan what he often asks him: what did you dream about last night? Daddy had to scribble down some notes during today’s telling, because it’s just too damn good. Here ’tis:

So what did you dream about last night?

“Santa Claus. And…a space rocket car!”

Oh wow. Who was driving it? Santa?

“No. Nyan.”

Ah. Where was he driving it to?

“To.. Iowa!”

Cool. Who did you see there?

“Grandma. And Grandpa.”

Oh okay. What did you do there?

“I got out of the car. And I saw corn.”

But of course. What happened next?

“Grandpa cooked corn for me. And for Santa Claus.”

Ah, that was very nice of him. Then what happened?

“Then, Mommy and Daddy came.”

Anything else?

“Yeah. Santa Claus got trains as a present for me.”

Not a bad dream, eh?

The kid has been on a Santa kick this week – probably something he picked up from a friend at school. So we’ve explained how Santa comes on Christmas, delivers presents, all that. Since then, he’s been waking up and asking most mornings, “Is today Christmas? Did Santa bring me presents?” No buddy. Got a couple more months to wait!

2014-10-15 23.16.57


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Our boy doesn’t always nap these days. (Which is fine, in one sense: when he does nap, he’s nearly impossible to get into bed before 9, and doesn’t fall asleep until nearly 10 – which means he doesn’t get enough sleep by the time it’s time to get up the next morning. When he doesn’t nap, he falls asleep shortly after 8pm – although he nearly always has several serious emotional breakdowns (i.e. tantrums) in the late afternoon/early evening because he’s exhausted. Can’t win!)

Where were we? Oh yes. He doesn’t always nap these days. But when he does, dude naps HARD. He does not mess around when it comes to naptime. He’s a serious hardcore napper. See?

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New-Old Pajamas

Yesterday, we were rooting around in Nyan’s closet for something and came across a few pajama pants and shirts that we don’t have in normal rotation because they’re long-sleeve and/or more for colder climes, and we live basically on top of the equator. Daddy had the thought that perhaps Nyan might like to wear these after all – sort of a blast from the past. (Yes, we live in the tropics, but we do tend to keep his room rather cool at night, so it’s not like he’s going to overheat, don’t worry). So Daddy pulled out the pants from an old snake pajama outfit, and a long-sleeve dinosaur shirt.

Did Nyan appreciate it? Well, check out these photos – they’re mostly blurry because the young man was so damn excited about his new-old PJs that he could hardly keep still!

He’s already asking for the ‘snake shirt’ – that is, the PJ top that go with the snake pants. It’s a long-sleeve shirt, but whatever; we’ll get that out for him. Anything to make the boy happy, right?


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Nyan Thomas, not sleeping

The other afternoon Daddy was trying to put Nyan down for a nap by reading him a story and then, well, telling him to nap. Our young man was having none of it, and instead just laid there making silly sounds. Daddy pulled out his iPhone and, in the darkened room, took a video, which you see here (with a boost in the gain post-shooting).  It’s not much from a visual standpoint, but the songs and his general silliness certainly capture a moment.


After a few minutes of this nonsense, by the way, Daddy told the lad to go to sleep, and then left the room. Nyan talked to himself and sang for another 20 minutes or so before falling asleep for two hours. All’s well that ends well.



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A Body at Rest (pics and video)

Ah, sleep. It’s a precious commodity for parents of young kids. We’re pretty lucky, really: Nyan typically sleeps until at least 7am most days. And the last two Saturdays, in fact, he’s slept past 8:30am, which allows all of us to sleep past 8:30. Of course, the past two Sundays, he’s been up at 5am. So it all evens out.

He goes through phases where he’ll wake up in the middle of the night for a night or two before returning to all-night sleeping. And last week, we had one instance where he just would NOT go to sleep at night – he kept getting up and opening the door, trying to go downstairs. It got to the point where Daddy had to lay on the floor of his room, almost restraining him, shushing him, trying to get him to calm down. Eventually he did fall asleep right there on the floor. It was an odd occurrence, and we chalked it up to him just being a two-year-old and testing boundaries. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nyan in the Morning (Video)

Not unlike his parents, our hero is, how shall we say, not always at his best in the mornings. A little grumpy at times, a little touchy now and then, usually takes a little while to get going.

But not today. This morning, we thought he was sleeping late when we suddenly heard a noise through his closed bedroom door. Not crying, or calling out for a morning cuddle. We tip-toed to the door to have a listen:

He was singing.

Nyan was quietly singing “Frere Jacques” (one of his current faves) to himself. We listened for a minute, then gently, quietly, opened the door. He couldn’t see us because of a blanket draped over the side of the crib, but we could see part of him: he was on his belly, butt up in the air, just happily singing to himself. Then the door hit the wall and made a little noise; he instantly stood up, saw Mommy and Daddy, and burst into a big smile. “Cuddle!” he said. He got plenty of ’em.

So he was definitely off on the right foot. And it only got better. Here, a few minutes later:

That’s Nyan pointing out Mommy and Daddy’s car, parked in the street below, to his pal Bo the Cow. Nice way to start the day, for all three of us.

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Today’s Photos: Sleeping Beauty

Just a quick few shots of Nyan Thomas during his Sunday morning nap. Nothing fancy, just a little guy napping…

photo Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s video: Nyan Thomas in Alleged Repose

We recently got a video monitor (supplanting the audio-only one we’d been using for the last six months). What a difference! Best purchase ever, maybe.

It shoots in infrared so we can see him crystal clear even when his room is pitch black. Very cool. It also plays funky tricks with colors, like his eyes. And it has a function where you can record the video image! Here, then, are a couple of brief clips of Nyan in bed. Trying to sleep, fussing, flopping around, vamping for the camera. Not a whole lot happens, but we think it’s kinda cool.



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