Sometimes He Sleeps

08 Jun

Yes, sometimes our boy sleeps. Usually not when we want him to — he’s becoming a master and stalling and delaying bedtime — but once he’s out, he’s usually out cold. At least until the middle of the night when he wakes up and pitter-patters his way in to Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, where he plops down between them and hogs the entire bed. (Yes, Mommy or Daddy really should take him back to his room at this point, but they’re usually too sound asleep themselves and can’t be bothered.)

Some mornings Nyan wakes up by about 7, but some days he sleeps in. That’s when Daddy reaches for his camera and snaps the candid shots you see here.

(Once in a blue moon, a very tired boy will pass out on Daddy’s arm at a restaurant, as he did the other night, or lay down on the bench we use at our dining table and just doze off right there on the hard wood, as you see below.)

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