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Dressing Up at School

We had a couple of special events at school in October. That included Halloween, when the kids were encouraged to dress in costume. Nyan decided he wanted to be a robot, so Mommy sprung into action and whipped up another home-made costume. Looks good!

Also in October, the school celebrated UN Day. It’s a pretty big deal at an international school in Singapore, where kids come from literally all over the world. Nyan has schoolmates from China, Norway, India, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Uganda, Argentina, the UK, the USA, and many more.

On UN Day, kids were asked to dress up in clothes that represent their country of origin. For Nyan, that could mean England, America, or even Myanmar. He opted for …. Iowa.


There was an all-school assembly, with parents invited. No decent video from the assembly itself, but here’s our goofy boy on his way in:

And afterwards, on his way to a group shot of all his classmates:

And the group shot itself, complete with a photo of parents taking photos.

Finally, a few random photos of our boy at school or waiting for the school bus in the morning, in regular school uniform.

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Checking In at the New School

As we’ve said before, Nyan has settled in quite well to his new school, Eton House Broadrick. Never ever a word of complaint about going to school; we think he’d probably stay there til bedtime if he could!

We got to see some of his class in action in September when his teacher, Ms Rashmi, hosted an “open lesson” where parents could come in and stand quietly at the back of the class, watching. To set the scene, here’s the lovely and tropical view out his classroom window:


We got to see him take part in some group work:

He was very good at listening, and at raising his hand when he knew the answer.

Here are a couple examples of his writing from the start of the year. One is the start of a short story, featuring two characters named Jayden and Jonnie…the other is a bit about our boy.

We also got to attend a school assembly in September. A couple of big things happened. First off, Nyan’s class put on a skit about nouns and verbs etc. Check out this (unfortunately rather shaky) video; jump to about 1:25 if you just want to see our boy talk about the difference between common nouns and proper nouns,.

They also sang a song about it being a beautiful day.

The real treat, though, for us at least, was when they started handing out Certificates of Achievement for students who had been doing an outstanding job in school recently. And, yep, our boy got one – for being an “active and enthusiastic participant in class and making valuable contributions.”

Yeah, another shaky video. Sorry about that. But you can see him looking straight at the camera, meaning he sees Mommy and Daddy in the crowd, and he shows an almost-imperceptible flash of a proud smile. Yeah. That’s our boy!


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Back to School at a New School

You may recall that Nyan’s school from last year closed down, so we had to enroll him in a new place for Year 3 (a.k.a. Second Grade in the U.S. system). We decided on a place called Eton House, not too far away. A couple of kids from his old school, including Nadia, also are going there now; so is Abi, his friend from his MMI preschool.

So we weren’t too worried about the transition. And sure enough, he’s taken to the new place like a fish to water.

We had an orientation session in his classroom, and with his new teacher, a few days before classes began.

Then it was the big day itself. We made him briefly pose for pictures before heading out:

The school itself was a bit packed with kids and parents, but it was well organized. As Nyan waited to head up to class, he hung out with Nadia. (You can also see Abi in some of the pictures. They’re in the same year, but in different classes. They still get to hang out a fair bit nowadays though, so that’s good!)

Then it was time for class. No tears or concerns here:

The first day was a success, by all accounts. When he got home, Jayden happened to be in the pool — his new school started a few days later — so Nyan and Nadia hung out with him poolside for a few.

The school isn’t too far away – about a mile or so, a 20 or 25 minute walk – but we signed up for the school bus service. It picks up him around 8am and drops him back around 4pm. Not bad. He’s got a uniform to wear each day, so every morning we take a lovely stroll past the pool downstairs on our way to the front gate of the condo complex, where the bus picks him up.

Some pictures of the morning routine, including a cameo from Mommy:

He’s enjoying the class so far, and seems to get along with his classmates and his teacher. Here are a couple of examples of some early work, and a picture of him doing his homework (he usually gets about 20 or 30 minutes of homework a week — nothing excessive, just about the right amount for his age, we’d say).

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More Summer Camp Fun

You’ll recall that Nyan spent a fair bit of time in June attending various day-camps. That continued in the month of July, with the lad attending several week-long day camps covering a range of topics. There was computer coding, there was math, there was “multi-activity” which ranged from swimming and basketball to drama and arts & crafts.

We don’t have any pictures or video from the camp itself, but we took many shots from the bus pick-up each morning and drop-off each afternoon. Here’s some:

Here’s the boy walking to our apartment through the parking garage after a fun-filled day. Also eating a cupcake that he made at camp.

His computer programming week focused on the programming language called Scratch, which uses simple text phrases and loops to teach basic computer concepts and skills. He liked to show off his new knowledge at home on Daddy’s computer:

Okay, maybe not the most exciting video ever. But he’s learning about computers! Pretty cool.

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School’s Out for Summer! 

Mid-June saw the end not just of the school year, but of Nyan’s first primary school altogether, as it is being closed so the land can be redeveloped as public high school. 

Before that, though, there were lots of activities, events and special days. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Each morning all year long, one of the children would ring the gong, alerting everyone that it’s time to head to the classroom. One day in June, it was Nyan’s turn! 

Another day, Nyan’s class showed off their song-and-dance moves. That’s Nyan on the right, behind a very enthusiastic Nadia:

His class held an ‘art competition’ in which every kid was invited to turn in their best drawing or painting. Nyan took part; he didn’t win with his submission, “Robot Factory Train” — we never heard who did win — but the point, of course, was just showing off his chops.

One day was declared to be ‘express yourself day,’ when the kids could skip their uniform and wear whatever they wanted. Nyan’s outfit, which he picked out himself, wasn’t bad, we thought.

On the very last day, just before dismissal for the last time, they had a special flag-lowering ceremony.

That same day, Nyan’s class had a potluck lunch where everyone got to hang with their friends for the last time, at least the last time at Chatsworth East.

Finally, some pictures of our boy on the morning of the last day. So long, Chatsworth!

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Winding Down the School Year


As Nyan’s primary school year wound to a close, there were plenty of events and activities to keep us busy and entertained in the month of May. 

One such event was called Family Day. It was held on a Saturday morning in mid-May and featured lots of food, music, games, and some giant inflated bouncy castles! That’s what we focused on with our video-taking. Check it out:

Later, at month-end, they had the family BBQ night, which included plenty of food and, before that, song-and-dance performances from all the kids. Here’s the tent they set up on the school grounds:


Here’s Nyan’s class up on the stage performing their song, a Bob Marley classic:

After a picnic dinner on the grass, there was lots and lots of playtime – featuring a couple hundred hyper, happy kids.

Lots of fun times and fun memories during the final days of the school year, and in fact of the school itself (it’s being closed and the land will be turned into a public high school).

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Back to the Beach

We always lament that we don’t get down to our seaside park – just a 10 minute stroll away – nearly as often as we should, so we’ve been proactively trying to change that. Here’s a look at a couple of recent visits.

School helped out with one: Nyan’s class took a field trip of sorts down to East Coast Park, for a beach cleanup. The kids donned gloves and trash bags and got to work, and helped make their little corner of the world just a little cleaner.

Here they all are. (Don’t be fooled by Nyan’s rather sad looking faces. He’s just goofing for the camera, like he does. He had a fine time.)

Another day around the same time, Nyan and Daddy went down for a late-Sunday-afternoon round of sand-play and dinner. Here he is on the sand, including with a little boy, maybe four years old, who started playing with him.

When night fell, we retreated to a beachside restaurant that was nearly empty, for some reason. (No, it wasn’t because the food was bad; the food was fine.) They were playing music and had a bunch of disco balls on the ceiling. Did our boy dance? He did.

A robotic dance to go with the robotic music:

And a more mellow, light-chasing dance to go with the more mellow music:

That’s our boy.

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