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Goodbye School, Hello Summer

Nyan finished his Year 5 of primary/elementary school in mid-June, with two months of fun to follow! We’ll talk a lot more about that in upcoming posts. But first, we thought we’d look back at the year that was. 

It was an up and down year, with lots of Covid restrictions and, to cap off the year, several weeks of home-based learning. But Nyan managed to learn a lot, and have a good bit of fun in the process. 

At the end of the year he brought home a big stack of papers and journals and whatnot. We went through them, took photos of a lot of the best writings and drawings, and share them with you here! We don’t have a lot of context for them but you can figure them out. Click on the photos to enlarge to better read what they say – or perhaps just enlarge your browser…

Here’s a fun assignment he did fairly early in the year (November 2020). We’ll include close-ups of the writing for easier reading.

Not sure what this is about but it’s something about how a refrigerator works. Love the imagination, love the drawings, love the descriptions!

More creativity: some sort of invention.

Some random work:

He wrote, and illustrated, a short story about a Viking adventure:

Nyan’s class did a lot of work learning about the various forms of government. He wrote quite a bit about it:

Some sort of poetry assignment, it seems; he chose to write, and draw, about his good friend Arav.

Nyan wrote and illustrated a faux diary entry about a surprise party his parents threw him. (No, this did not really happen!)

Some work he did about some ancient art:

Here’s another hodge podge collection of writing and assignments Nyan did:

And finally, just a few random drawings. Not sure what these are about, but they’re pretty good!

Pretty good school year, we’d say!

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Back to School (and the Art Science Museum)

School resumed in August 2020: Year 5! 

He loves to put on a grumpy face for the camera, eh?

Nyan takes the bus to school this year, as does Ellie, the younger girl who lives in our building. They always have a lot of goofy fun on the walk back to the apartment from the bus stop.

Yeah, they held hands briefly one day. When both sets of parents casually mentioned it… well, they both got embarrassed and stopped. Ah well. 

Also in August, we made a Sunday afternoon visit to the Art Science Museum to see the futuristic exhibit we’d been to before. It’s kinda a hodge-podge of visual exhibits, and kinda cool.

One bit has you coloring in a fish or a UFO or the like and inserting it into a computer; a few seconds later, your drawing is making its way across a big screen with everyone else’s. Kinda cool.

The highlight is the exhibit featuring tens of thousands of LED lights arranged in a sort of maze; they flash and change color and it’s all quite cool.

Bonus: we went to the beach one day. Because of the summertime prevailing winds and currents, in August the southern-facing beaches are just covered in flotsam, jetsam, and other garbage thrown overboard by ships (thanks) or washed away from coastal villages that have no waste management to speak of (thanks to you too). It’s nasty, but this day some volunteers were clearing the beach of the debris. Nyan saw and wanted to help! Quite proud of him. 

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The End of a Crazy School Year

Nyan’s primary/elementary school Year 4 was… unusual, to say the least. We started in August 2019 by going to school for a week, then missing two weeks to return to England for a wedding. So it took a little while to get back up to speed. Then, when the coronavirus took hold, we switched to home-based learning in April 2020, which continued pretty much til June.

The year was supposed to end in mid-June, followed by a two-month summer break. Except they decided to split up the break into two one-month breaks; the first break was the entire month of May, with the school year then extended. So: Home-based learning in April, summer vacation in May, back to school in June (some at home, some back in the school building), and end of the school year in early-ish July, with the new year to begin in mid August. Got all that?

Here’s our hero on that last day of school on July 10, 2020:

One of the assignments early in the year was to write a letter to his grandparents. He did it late because we were in England, but he did it. And it’s a beaut:

At the end of the year, Nyan brought home a big folder chock full of various drawings, poems, and other stuff he had done throughout the year. Let’s take a look at some of them. We won’t bother to try to explain them all; most are pretty self explanatory. (Click on any pic to enlarge!)

MISC WORK PICS (Start with the portfolio cover oic)

Here’s some other assignments, with a more personal, who-is-Nyan kind of bent. Some great drawings too.

Finally, a bunch of random pictures from recent months. (Again, click any pic to enlarge). His attention to detail remains astounding! 

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A Night at the Aquarium and Other Fun  


In early December, Nyan’s school class had a sleepover at the local aquarium! Here’s Nyan on his way to the event, with his overnight bag:


And some shots from the aquarium itself. There was lots of fun and lots of learning, and not very much sleep:

Here he is getting off the bus the next morning (with his pal Slothie!) and posing with his pal Arav.

Speaking of Arav: he had a birthday party in December as well. Some pictures of the two boys at the party:

Also in late December, Phwa Phwa came to visit! We’ll see much more of her in coming months, but here’s a sampling from December. With Mommy too.

And finally, we had a school performance in December. Nyan dressed up and joined his classmate for a performance playing the “melodica.” Here’s a picture and a video — you can sorta make out Nyan in the second row, just to the right of the middle, behind Arav on the guitar.


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Nyan’s Schoolmate Helena

Nyan’s a sociable creature, and he has good male friends and good female friends. Let’s take another look at one of the latter, Helena.

Helena, or Ellie, is a couple years younger and lives in the same apartment tower as us. (You’ve seen her in these pages before.) She also goes to the same school and rides the same bus to and fro as Nyan. So they spend a fair amount of time together, and are always goofing around and playing. 

Here they are one afternoon, walking back toward the apartment after getting off the bus home:

Helena has a younger sister, Isabella or Izzy, who’s about 18 months. She’s a sweet kid, and Nyan treats her well, like an older brother. The goal is usually to get Izzy to give him a high five, which she usually does. Though sometimes, as you can see, he’ll do something like help her get her shoes back on or whatnot.

Finally, some more pics from various mornings while waiting for the bus. Both Nyan and Helena are into Pokemon cards, so they are often showing each other their collections.

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Summer Camp: A Star is Born?

Nyan spent a few weeks at various day camps in July 2019. Probably the best was Drama Camp, where they did a sort of modernized telling of Romeo and Juliet, with a performance for the parents at the end of the week. And who’s that young man who was tapped in the title role of Romeo himself? Yep, our boy. Let’s take a look at the full performance, in multiple clips. A little long, but worth it!

Not bad, eh? 

His other day camps included math, cooking, and aviation. Aviation was especially fun as he got to bring home various flying objects each day.


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End of the School Year

June 2019 saw the end of Nyan’s Year 3 — that;’s the equivalent of 2nd grade to the US; not sure what it would be in the UK, sorry! Here he is on the first day of school (August 2018) and the last (June 2019)


Some pics from the waning days of the year. Here he is around the apartment complex, waiting for the bus or happy to be home at the end of the day:

Some shots of his classmates:

And various moments around the school:

On one of the last days, Nyan’s teacher tipped us off that he was to receive a “certificate” of merit, for making excellent progress in his Mandarin class, during a full-school assembly. Nyan didn’t know about it. So Daddy went to the assembly, hid in the back, and took a shaky video of the award.


Well done, Nyan!

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Winding Down the School Year

May 2019 was a busy month at Nyan’s school, which wrapped up for the year in early June.  Let’s take a look.

He enjoyed his time in music class, learning to play — or at least get familiar with — a wide range of instruments.

Waiting for the bus to school one morning:

A class field trip to the zoo!

Showing off his skills to Mommy at a year-end parent/teacher conference

And finally, sports day! Hanging out with Arav, looking cute in his floppy hat, and running a race, all while planes from the Republic of Singapore Air Force zoom overhead on final approach to a nearby airbase.

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Malls, Birthdays and Cameras

Nyan’s school, Eton House, organized a big ‘Eton Mall’ one day in March. The classes all decided on stuff to sell, and the kids came up with advertisements, pricing, the whole works. Then the kids manned the tills and sold their stuff!

Here are Nyan and his good friend Arav selling their wares (cookies mostly). And eating a popsicle that Nyan bought from one of the other stalls.

On another March day, his old friend Kyra from preschool days, and her sister Chryssa, had a joint birthday party at their condo, right next door to ours. So we went! There was a magician, there was food, there was playing around on the playground equipment.

And on yet another day, Nyan had soccer practice. One of the coaches had brought her DSLR camera, and Nyan somehow convinced her to let him play around with it. The little dude loves to shoot!

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More Chinese New Year Fun

Chinese New Year, a.k.a. Lunar New Year, is a Big Deal in Asia, with pretty much everything shut down — like Christmas Day in the US or UK. 2019’s CNY ended up being a four-day public holiday weekend, so we took full advantage by relaxing and doing various other things.

Like an overnight to Malaysia! Mommy’s Aunt Jessica recently moved there, so she and Nyan crossed the border to visit Jessica and cousin Grace. (Daddy stayed behind, as he had work due for clients in the US who don’t recognize CNY).

There was also an afternoon at the beach with Aiden, the 9-year-old son of Brian, one of Mommy’s old school friends who is from Singapore but living in Shanghai — like many, many people, he and his family traveled home for the holiday.

Nyan’s school got into the fun too, with performances and all the kids dressing up in CNY gear. Here’s Nyan and his good friend Arav in their new year finery:

Here are all the kids goofing around before their on-stage performance:

And here they are making their way into the auditorium:


Believe it or not, we don’t have any video of the performance — we were too far away, and it was too shaky and whatnot. Oh well. It was still a great capstone to a great Chinese New Year!

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