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Nyan’s Big Adventure

Just for fun. Nyan Thomas riding his bike in the house (not really recommended, but hey) and making Daddy ride a little bike as well. Where’s he off to, and how’s he gonna get there? Just watch.

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A Walk in the Park

Ever wondered what our young man looks like as he slowly strolls home, snacking, after a fun day at school? Wonder no more as we share a couple of videos of the young man walking through the park. Plus a couple of bonus videos.

Walking through the park:

Bonus video: from a few weeks earlier, when it was sunny and warm, with chirping birds and a giggling Nyan: Read the rest of this entry »

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Long-time readers will recall that, back in what passed for spring this year, Nyan Thomas took about eight weeks of swimming classes. After a summer break, it’s time for more: that’s right, more swimming lessons for our little man.

We’ve had two weeks so far, with maybe eight more. So far so good. Week One, he was not at all happy for the first 20 minutes of class – lots of crying, holding tight to Daddy, etc. Though he started to enjoy himself, a bit, at the end. Week Two, it took about 10 minutes until he warmed up. Then he was really enjoying it – to the point where, at the end, when we did the exercise where he stands on the edge of the pool and sort of falls/jumps into daddy’s arms in the pool, he was doing it with almost no prompting, and was truly enjoying it.

He’s also enjoying ‘swimming’ itself, which mostly means being held in the water and kicking his legs a bit as Daddy swooshes him around the pool. Baby steps.

As an aside, we also note that the young man is enjoying his baths again. He went through a phase, starting over the summer, where he would just REFUSE to bathe. We’d do it anyway, with a damp washcloth as he stood in the shallow water. But still, it was no fun. But we’re happy to report that over the past couple weeks, he’s getting back into it. He lets the tub fill up as much as it can, then he’ll lay down on his belly, kicking and splashing and pushing himself around the tub. “Swimming!” he says happily. Yes indeed.

In honor of Nyan’s return to the water, here are some photos from the first set of swimming lessons last spring – our hero showing off the season’s latest in toddler swimwear.

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Summer Party

A couple weeks back, Daddy’s job threw this year’s version of the annual ‘summer’ picnic/party. Like last year (which you may have read about here), it was held at Wrotham Park, a sprawling estate that’s home to many acres of hills, trees and ponds, plus a big ol’ manor house. And like last year, the ‘summer’ picnic took place in early September. That worked out well last year, as the day was warm and sunny. This year, not so much – it was cool, cloudy and threatening rain all weekend, and a cold wind was whipping up the hills. In fact, Daddy came down with a nasty two-week cold the very next day; Nyan, we’re very happy to report, did not get sick. Whew.

Still. it was a very pleasant family outing. Here’s the star of the show, jamming to a little tune about summertime:

There was plenty of food:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Today’s Videos: Random Play

A trio of recent videos of our young man at play. First up, Nyan Thomas, Master Builder. Note how he sings to himself as he builds; note the concentration; note the glee with which he knocks it all down.

Playing in the front room, including trying out the scooter that he got for his birthday:

And finally, being silly with Daddy, and stopping Daddy from playing the piano, and babbling at Daddy:

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Nyan Thomas, Transvestite Farmer

Our boy is definitely a boy’s boy. Without any prompting from us or anyone, he fell in love with every truck, fire engine, airplane, car, tractor, or noisy mechanical thing you can think of. He loves to be loud, he loves horseplay, he loves to make a mess. He’s a boy.


He also likes to wear dresses.

We’re of course okay with that. It’s just costume dresses that he puts on at school some days, and refuses to take off when it’s time to go home. Fair enough; if it makes him happy, he can wear a dress home. The only possible downside, far as we’re concerned, is that someday we’ll be able to embarrass him with photos and videos of him wearing a dress.

Like here. The other day, he wanted to play with his toy tractor and truck out in the backyard. While still wearing his dress. We present this without comment or judgment; just enjoy our boy being, um, a boy.

Please note that at the end of this video, when he pushes the trailer and it slides out from under him and he splats on the ground… he was not harmed whatsoever. The video ends abruptly ’cause Daddy wanted to make sure Nyan was fine. And he was. I guess maybe the dress padded his fall?







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Road Trip: Sissinghurst Castle

Autumn has unfortunately arrived here in ol’ Blighty, with cool temps, overcast skies and occasional and sometimes heavy rain. So let’s take a trip back in time, about six short weeks ago, when the air was warm and filled with sunshine, the flowers were in bloom, and Nyan took Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa on a day trip to Sissinghurst Castle, about an hour outside of London. (Daddy got to stay behind and go to work, hooray!)

It’s more of a grand old house than a castle, to be honest (at least in Daddy’s opinion, having not been there), but it’s still gorgeous, with flowers and hedge mazes and old buildings everywhere you look. It’s part of the National Trust which means it’s both old and notable (and preserved).

Here then are a few photos from the day. (click on any photo to enlarge and start a slide show)

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Today’s Videos: at the Playground

One of the nice things about our new home is that the walk to and from school takes us right through a nice leafy park. And it’s got a great playground area, where Nyan gets to visit on many days on his way home. Here are a couple of videos Mommy took on a recent visit.

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Another Blast from the Past

Just found another old video, this one from October 2011 – Nyan was about 3 and a half months old. It’s short and sweet: a Mommy and her boy.

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Running Man

Oh the things we do on weekends to make sure our little man is tuckered out by the end of the day. One of his (our) favorite things is to run little laps around the house, oftentimes yelling and shouting. Like here.

Of course, he’s pretty easily distracted, by his toy truck or the overhead light. But, we’re happy to report, this running around does the trick and makes bedtime much easier!

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