24 Sep

Long-time readers will recall that, back in what passed for spring this year, Nyan Thomas took about eight weeks of swimming classes. After a summer break, it’s time for more: that’s right, more swimming lessons for our little man.

We’ve had two weeks so far, with maybe eight more. So far so good. Week One, he was not at all happy for the first 20 minutes of class – lots of crying, holding tight to Daddy, etc. Though he started to enjoy himself, a bit, at the end. Week Two, it took about 10 minutes until he warmed up. Then he was really enjoying it – to the point where, at the end, when we did the exercise where he stands on the edge of the pool and sort of falls/jumps into daddy’s arms in the pool, he was doing it with almost no prompting, and was truly enjoying it.

He’s also enjoying ‘swimming’ itself, which mostly means being held in the water and kicking his legs a bit as Daddy swooshes him around the pool. Baby steps.

As an aside, we also note that the young man is enjoying his baths again. He went through a phase, starting over the summer, where he would just REFUSE to bathe. We’d do it anyway, with a damp washcloth as he stood in the shallow water. But still, it was no fun. But we’re happy to report that over the past couple weeks, he’s getting back into it. He lets the tub fill up as much as it can, then he’ll lay down on his belly, kicking and splashing and pushing himself around the tub. “Swimming!” he says happily. Yes indeed.

In honor of Nyan’s return to the water, here are some photos from the first set of swimming lessons last spring – our hero showing off the season’s latest in toddler swimwear.

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