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Playdate with Kyle, Part One

Nyan’s best friend is a boy named Kyle. Kyle and Nyan go to the same school, and Kyle lives just down the road from Nyan. So last weekend, the two boys (plus the four parents) got together at Kyle’s place for an afternoon and evening of fun and food.

Kyle’s Mommy and Daddy were nice enough to pick us up in their car. Here’s Nyan while we were waiting:

Once we got there, the adults hung out chatting at the table while the two boys played with Kyle’s toys — his dragons, dinosaurs, sticker books, cars and trucks, etc. Standard boy stuff.

Kyle also has an electric car, and his apartment’s main space is big enough that there’s actually room to drive around in it. So off they went, with only a handful of fender benders.

We got video too:

Kyle has an electric train set, too, so Nyan, Kyle and their Daddies spent a little time putting it together and making the trains run.

And here are two boys and their two mommies:


Yes, a very fun time – if it had an off note, it was predictably enough only at the very end, when Nyan did not want to go home, and Kyle didn’t want Nyan to leave. We addressed those issues, sort of, a couple days later, when Kyle came over to Nyan’s house after school for swimming and fun. More on that in Part Two of this post.


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Rainy Day

For a tropical place, it doesn’t actually seem to rain all that much here in Singapore. Or maybe it’s just that there’s a really long dry season. In any case, a few weeks back it was actually raining at pick-up-from-school time, so Daddy packed an umbrella. It had mostly stopped by the time we got outside, but that didn’t stop our hero from insisting that he use the umbrella.

Although,he didn’t exactly use it in conventional fashion…

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Video of the Day: Drawing

Nyan at school, “drawing” with his friend Joseph at the end of a long day. It’s all fun and games and giggling until Adrianna – who’s unquestionably the alpha female of the class – tells them off for being “very noisy!” Does that admonition keep our hero from his art? Click and find out:

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Photo of the Day: Close-Up

Just a shot of Nyan in bed one morning, cuddling Yum Yum the elephant and tapping away at Daddy’s iPad. (No, he doesn’t get much screen time at all – in this instance, Daddy was reading the news with a cup of coffee when Nyan marched in, climbed into bed, and commandeered the device.)


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Fun, Fun, Fun

Nyan’s late afternoon/early evening usually goes like this: Daddy shows up at school. Nyan doesn’t want to leave because he’s having too much fun (he never remembers this in the mornings when he whines about how he doesn’t like to go to school, of course…but we digress). Finally Daddy gets him to go, and they head for way home, perhaps with some detours along the way as Nyan wants to check out a store, or a digger, or a bird, or anything else that catches his fancy. Eventually they make it to our apartment complex, with its swimming pool and playground and lots of kids about his age. Daddy usually brings Nyan’s swimsuit so if he wants to play in the water, he can. Regardless, though, there’s a good hour or so of playing, until around 7pm when dusk falls quickly and it’s time to go up to the apartment for supper.

Here, some videos of recent after-school fun. First up, playing with pal Daniel in the pool. As Nyan puts it: “I’m a shark! I’m coming to eat you!”


Here he is, showing off some new die-cast cars that come with this spring-loaded launching thing:


Turning on the water fountain, doing a rain dance, and helping make sure the water flows properly into the drain:


Finally, here he is with his friends Danny Boy and Aiden, Danny Boy’s brother. Running, swinging a toy golf club, screeching.

(Notice all the running? We strongly encourage that after school – part of our plan to tire the lad out so he’ll go to sleep more easily at bedtime. It doesn’t work, but we keep trying.)


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Santa Claus and the Space Rocket Car

Over breakfast this morning, Daddy asked Nyan what he often asks him: what did you dream about last night? Daddy had to scribble down some notes during today’s telling, because it’s just too damn good. Here ’tis:

So what did you dream about last night?

“Santa Claus. And…a space rocket car!”

Oh wow. Who was driving it? Santa?

“No. Nyan.”

Ah. Where was he driving it to?

“To.. Iowa!”

Cool. Who did you see there?

“Grandma. And Grandpa.”

Oh okay. What did you do there?

“I got out of the car. And I saw corn.”

But of course. What happened next?

“Grandpa cooked corn for me. And for Santa Claus.”

Ah, that was very nice of him. Then what happened?

“Then, Mommy and Daddy came.”

Anything else?

“Yeah. Santa Claus got trains as a present for me.”

Not a bad dream, eh?

The kid has been on a Santa kick this week – probably something he picked up from a friend at school. So we’ve explained how Santa comes on Christmas, delivers presents, all that. Since then, he’s been waking up and asking most mornings, “Is today Christmas? Did Santa bring me presents?” No buddy. Got a couple more months to wait!

2014-10-15 23.16.57


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Photo of the Day: New Shades

You can tell he was born in New York. Look at how he just oozes downtown cool.


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Mommy and Nyan

Here’s the latest and greatest in our occasional series of photos of Nyan and Mommy, showing how he continues to get taller and taller, bigger and bigger, and cheekier and cheekier!


(Click it to make it big)

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Photo of the Day: Swimsuit Issue

Not much to say about this one…


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Nyan Thomas Gets His Hair Cut

Just a few shots of Nyan Thomas in action – the action being, sitting still and behaving very well while he got a haircut. (The TV monitor helped, no doubt. Although Daddy was less than impressed they were showing Barney, the big purple dinosaur. Daddy had never seen that show before, but he certainly understands why it received so much vitriol and criticism back in the day for being so annoyingly dumb!)


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