Fun, Fun, Fun

17 Oct

Nyan’s late afternoon/early evening usually goes like this: Daddy shows up at school. Nyan doesn’t want to leave because he’s having too much fun (he never remembers this in the mornings when he whines about how he doesn’t like to go to school, of course…but we digress). Finally Daddy gets him to go, and they head for way home, perhaps with some detours along the way as Nyan wants to check out a store, or a digger, or a bird, or anything else that catches his fancy. Eventually they make it to our apartment complex, with its swimming pool and playground and lots of kids about his age. Daddy usually brings Nyan’s swimsuit so if he wants to play in the water, he can. Regardless, though, there’s a good hour or so of playing, until around 7pm when dusk falls quickly and it’s time to go up to the apartment for supper.

Here, some videos of recent after-school fun. First up, playing with pal Daniel in the pool. As Nyan puts it: “I’m a shark! I’m coming to eat you!”


Here he is, showing off some new die-cast cars that come with this spring-loaded launching thing:


Turning on the water fountain, doing a rain dance, and helping make sure the water flows properly into the drain:


Finally, here he is with his friends Danny Boy and Aiden, Danny Boy’s brother. Running, swinging a toy golf club, screeching.

(Notice all the running? We strongly encourage that after school – part of our plan to tire the lad out so he’ll go to sleep more easily at bedtime. It doesn’t work, but we keep trying.)


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