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Water Park!

A couple times in recent months, Nyan has headed out to a waterpark called Wild Wild Wet with BFF Kyle. Their two daddies tagged along, and enjoyed it too, but these trips are all about the boys. Here’s a quick look at what they get up to.

Here they are, messing around before heading in.

So much fun to be had…

All that playing really helps you build up an appetite!

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Recent Photos: November and December

Yes, we’re a bit behind the times here at Nyan Thomas World HQ. Apologies. We’re working to clear up the backlog of pictures, videos and stories – and yes, there are a lot of each, as Nyan has been as active and energetic as ever. Here’s our first try at clearing that backlog: a random sampling of photos from November and December. Lots of playing, a lot of Christmas action, outdoor fun, hanging with friends… Here, have a look:

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